Our Story Began... Creating a Historical Timeline

Historical Timelines - JM Family portable historical timeline chronicles the company's history

A historical timeline can be a powerful tool for any organization. Telling your story has numerous benefits, including the ability to differentiate your organization from others in your industry. Sharing the beginnings of your journey, as well as milestones along the way, has wide-reaching effects.

  1. While you may have competitors in your field who offer the same services or products, your organization is bound to have a unique story. This story adds depth to your organization. People, including potential customers, connect to stories. As humans, we are drawn to them. They can be compelling, touching, and memorable. Therefore, finding ways to communicate your story and history, such as creating a historical timeline, makes your organization that much more personable and memorable.
  2. Your organization’s story reinforces your cultures and values, while also demonstrating its ability to adapt and grow over time. It illustrates your reliability by showing your longevity and track record. Customers look for companies that have staying power, and showing your deep roots can reinforce that image.
  3. Historical timelines can be exciting and creative. Incorporating your organization’s logo, colors, and overall style is a great way to reinforce your brand. This is impactful when providing tours to current and future customers. Historical displays can be built in one location, or spread throughout your entire premise. They can include wall graphics, 3-D elements, images, information, and even showcases with artifacts. Artifacts can show technological advances, such as the contrast between older and newer machinery.
  4. Historical timelines also provide a powerful way to recognize notable figures throughout your organization’s history who may have made a remarkable contributions. Therefore, you can use the timeline as a recognition display to honor someone who has passed, or celebrate a current figure.
  5. Highlighting special milestones allows you to show off major accomplishments. This can includes new innovations, awards, events, special projects, and much more. These are also great for pointing out on a tour. Showing your past is a great way to illustrate your goals and where your organization is heading, and future milestones you hope to achieve.
  6. Historical timelines come in multiple forms and do not have to be permanent to one location. Some organizations create traveling historical displays that can be used at trade shows or special events and exhibits, or even at different branches and locations.
  7. Keeping your organization’s history top of mind is a useful way to remind employees they are part of something bigger. People have a natural desire to feel they are part of a larger group or purpose, and this can be motivating and inspirational in contributing to something that has shared meaning and values. It reminds employees that their day-to-day work is meaningful in a larger context.

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