May 19, 2021 | Articles

When you think of workplace signage, what comes to mind?

Flashy neon signs? Helpful office or retail directories? Monolithic outdoor signage? In the corporate environment, signage and displays have vital roles beyond simply noting company names or office locations. While these things are definitely important, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. As businesses reopen and welcome employees, clients, and visitors back, why not go the extra mile to create an appealing, inviting space?

Here are a few favorite office signage design ideas that you can use for inspiration.

First impressions start with your lobby.
You walk through it every day and probably don’t give this entry area space a second thought. But your lobby is the place where customers, employees, and potential investors all pass judgment on your company and your brand. Clients may love the clever graphic design of your website but feel underwhelmed and disappointed when they enter your office space. Blank walls and outdated furnishings are uninspiring at best. Have your logo emblazoned on the front door and placed prominently behind the reception desk. Going with a dimensional logo can add pizzazz, so make it a bold, visible, and memorable focal point of the room. Keep in mind that your lobby and its signage should always communicate your unique corporate story in a striking way.

Boost productivity and ambiance with captivating wall graphics.
Often seen in retail stores and restaurants, these oversized works of art are finding a new home in corporate environments. As more and more business owners recognize the value of creating an atmosphere that’s aesthetically pleasing to visitors and employees alike, wall murals are becoming a staple in modern office design. Historical timelines, inspirational quotes, decorative art, and regional imagery are among the most popular mural designs, but the options are endless. As employees walk the halls of your facility, these eye-catching graphics can be used to remind them that they are valued and appreciated. They can also be used to create a sought-after professional atmosphere that promotes company pride and fosters a sense of community.

Don’t neglect wayfinding.
We all know the frustration of trying to find the restroom or locating the exit amid a maze of unfamiliar corridors. Help to give everyone a seamless, stress-free experience when they visit your facility with appropriate, well-planned navigational signage. Clustered, overcrowded signage placement is one common mistake that’s confusing and off-putting for visitors. Avoid this issue by grouping specific types of signs together in designated areas. And remember that wayfinding systems are meant to grow and evolve, and that means they need ongoing monitoring and management. Any signage that’s in poor condition should be replaced with well-positioned, easy-to-read new signs, while anything obsolete or incorrect should be removed right away.

Give credit where it’s due.
Your employees and staff keep your organization ticking. What better way to express appreciation for their efforts than by sharing their stories with the world in a captivating recognition display? Your generous benefactors certainly deserve some gratitude, too. An eye-catching, prominently placed recognition wall rewards current donors for their generosity and encourages prospective patrons to give to future campaigns.

Your corporate environment should be a haven for productivity and comfort. Start by creating a space that encourages professionalism and nurtures creativity.

The right office signage and display solutions allow you to design a happy, healthy workplace where employees thrive and clients enjoy doing business.

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