Jan 21, 2021 | Articles

As a non-profit organization, the world probably has much to gain from hearing your story.

Whether you’re seeking to raise awareness of the good you’re doing or share what inspired you to produce positive changes for others, the mission you’re on matters. And no one can tell your organization’s story better than you. Chances are you’ll help others and yourself in the process. Signage is a powerful storytelling platform because it can represent relevant, personalized content that creates interest and grabs attention. It has the ability to shift and adapt to current events, and it can even bring audiences into your narrative, allowing them to interact with your brand on a personal level.

Non-Profit Marketing Share Your Story through Signage and Displays

To get the most out of your signage and display strategy, here are some smart ideas to consider.

  1. Deliver a guided brand tour. Signage doesn’t have to be a hard sell. In fact, it’s often a more effective marketing tool when it’s less obvious and more inspiring. For example, it can be used as a visual to depict your organization’s journey—where you’ve been, where you’re headed, your mission, your motivations, and who you serve. You can share all of this deeply meaningful and inspiring information through the right signage and displays. Whether you want to express your values, offer a personalized welcome to each guest and client, or motivate your team members, you can accomplish it with a carefully crafted narrative display.
  2. Think interactive. It’s easy to see signage as a basic two-dimensional vehicle that’s used to post communications in the hopes of getting your prospects’ attention. But the best signs and displays actually engage target audiences and immerse them in the messaging. For instance, you might choose to create a narrative display that visitors could interact with, allowing them to activate the content at their own pace. This solution provides a sense of involvement in your story and is likely to enhance their experience with your brand. Make the most of dynamic signage to encourage exploration and forge meaningful connections with viewers.
  3. Attract new donors. Place a captivating message about your cause on a digital signage screen, put it in a high-traffic location, and you’ve got the potential to reach legions of new potential benefactors. You might feature footage from a recent fundraising event or share statistics that demonstrate your organization’s impact. Whether you choose to go glitzy or basic, you can reach people who previously didn’t know what you did to make your community a better place. Share a story that makes people want to act, and guess what? They’ll pay attention! Those few seconds of viewing your message could result in a donation or possibly even an ongoing fundraising partnership.
  4. Include a powerful call to action. Whatever story you tell and however you decide to share it, encourage viewers to take action based on the powerful emotions they’re feeling. Use your signage and story to clearly show them the path to follow. Make sure to establish the action you want them to take at the beginning of your creative process so you can develop communications to support that goal.

Simply put, people are more likely to engage with a compelling visual story. 

As a non-profit, you no doubt have an inspiring message to share. Whether it’s to drive fundraising efforts, in recognition of donors, or to support promotional objectives, signage and displays can take your organization where you want to go.

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