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How to Read Prospect's Body Language at an Event

How to Read a Prospects Body Language at an Event, Part II


Having the skills to both read body language, and to adjust your own body language to be more effective in a business setting is invaluable. Even though we may often be unaware of it, people’s body language is often more powerful and telling than verbal language. For instance, if someone is looking down with a scowl, with their arms crossed, yet says he or she is happy, our instinct is to rely on physical cues as a more accurate gauge of feelings. Body language is powerful!

When considering body language, it’s helpful to look for eye activities, facial expressions, head movements, hand and arm gestures, body positioning, and leg and feet movement.

Here are 6 tips for reading a prospect’s body language ...

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Games for trade shows to grab attention and attract audiences

Attention Grabbing Game Ideas for Your Trade Show Audience


One of the best ways to draw an audience to your booth is with a crowd of people having fun, talking, and interacting with one another. Games are a great way to draw an audience, a crowd, and prospects to your door. So what kind of game should you choose ...

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Body Language Tips for Trade Show Events

Consider Your Body Language at Your Next Event, Part I


Much of the way we communicate is nonverbal. Therefore, if you are not conscious of your body language you may be sending the wrong messages. This is especially important for making first impressions, where we usually make decisions about a person fairly quickly. Here are 6 tips for exhibiting positive ...

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Kenneth Clark

Project of the Month: Kenneth Clark


We recently helped create a new look for the office of Kenneth Clark Co., a company that handles shipments from single pallets to Super Loads.

The Adler team used the company's signature colors and logo to create a branded office space that adds great appeal for employees and visitors ...

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Adler Display Trade Show Display Project Video Reel


Attending your industry’s trade show is vital for your business.

Trade shows offer opportunities for potential customers to interact ...

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Adler Display Signage and Graphics Project Video Reel


If you need to make a statement and your current signage is just not cutting it, you have come to ...

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Adler Display Recognition Display Project Video Reel


From the most elaborate, interactive, talking display, to an elegant gold plated name plaque, Adler Display will ensure that your ...

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Adler Display Lobby and Corporate Interiors Project Video Reel


Whether you are designing your company’s world headquarters, local branch offices, or sales centers, our forward-thinking solutions and corporate ...

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Adler Display Historical Timelines Project Video Reel


Adler Display showcases the benefits of historical timelines for businesses and organizations.

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