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Transition to Virtual Events


With the intense disruptions occurring due to the COVID-19 virus, most physical meetups and trade show events have been cancelled. Instead of crowded trade show floors, attendees might see virtual product demos from their home offices. So how can you convert your event into an online-only format that will still engage attendees?

Find the right Event Solution

Consider the size of your event, how many sessions you want to host, what engagement features you want, and the costs before signing on with a provider.

Virtual panels and forums

One of the most compelling parts of live events are the forums and panels that allow for discussion and thought leadership. Consider adding a remote Q&A session to really engage attendees.

Include Live and Pre-Recorded Content ...

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Going Green: Is Your Trade Show Exhibit Built for Sustainability?


In the world of trade shows, high carbon footprint materials and waste often run rampant.

From discarded shipping containers to unused food to the endless literature that winds up in the trash, the landscape is ripe with opportunities for ecological improvement. Sustainable offerings, also referred to as “green” and “eco ...

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Integrated DNA

Project of the Month: Integrated DNA


Integrated DNA, a biotechnology company headquartered in Iowa, asked Adler Display to create a history display for their headquarters, along with several smaller “satellite” displays for their branch offices.

With an initial concept, Adler Display’s designers developed a unique historical timeline for the company.

The timeline panels are directly ...

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Avoid These Five Common Mistakes in Wayfinding System Design


What if there were no directional signs at the airport, museum, or hospital?

Could you imagine the panic it would cause? Wayfinding systems are often overlooked, but they’re actually a critically important element for facilities and campuses in every business sector. Designed properly, they aid in navigation, provide answers ...

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Adler Display Trade Show Display Project Video Reel


Attending your industry’s trade show is vital for your business.

Trade shows offer opportunities for potential customers to interact ...

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Adler Display Signage and Graphics Project Video Reel


If you need to make a statement and your current signage is just not cutting it, you have come to ...

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Adler Display Recognition Display Project Video Reel


From the most elaborate, interactive, talking display, to an elegant gold plated name plaque, Adler Display will ensure that your ...

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Adler Display Lobby and Corporate Interiors Project Video Reel


Whether you are designing your company’s world headquarters, local branch offices, or sales centers, our forward-thinking solutions and corporate ...

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Adler Display Historical Timelines Project Video Reel


Adler Display showcases the benefits of historical timelines for businesses and organizations.

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