Make Your Tradeshow Booth Stand Out

Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Dimensional Logo

Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Dimensional Logo

Trade shows are a great way to get face to face with competitors, potential customers, and existing clients.

Since trade shows offer such terrific opportunities, you can expect competition of some kind in the space, whether it’s from a small start-up or an established giant.

One concern our clients often bring to the table is standing out. How can you distinguish yourself from other brands and companies who occupy your market space? What’s the best way to boldly set out your brand principles while staying on budget? Below, you’ll find some common tips on standing out from the crowd:

Use video creatively

Too many exhibitors use their monitors to loop PowerPoint presentations. This might work for them, but to stand out, try shooting real video and create content that will raw attendees in with appealing visuals.

Sit ‘em on down

Providing a small seating area can be very tempting for attendees, many of whom on are their feet for the day. It also provides your team with increased opportunities for face to face meetings, where you can drill down into their needs.

Fun giveaways

Lanyards, pens, and mugs are so passé. Try to choose giveaway items that are fun, unique, and if possible, connected to your brand in some way.

Dress like a team

A lot of exhibitors still show up in their normal office workwear. Try mixing it up by getting polos or button up shirts with your company logo embroidered on them. Your staff will look and feel like a team- helping to build their morale and trust in your company.

Have fun!

While not forgetting everyone is there to work, it’s not all drudgery. Consider adding interactive games (we’ve noticed a big trend of booths including cornhole), see if you can host a happy hour, and bring a positive attitude!

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