Make Your Lobby Stand Out with Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters

First impressions count. This includes the lobby of your organization. Adding dimensional letters to create your logo, specialty message, or directional signage is a great way to add personality, pizzazz, and clarification to the space.

A dimensional logo in your organization’s entryway or above the reception desk is an exciting way to add a focal point to the space and help visitors locate and identify your business. Dimensional logos are extremely versatile. You can create a sign with just your logo, or add your tagline too. You can create a huge variety of styles using different colors, materials, fonts, layouts, and lighting. For instance, backlighting is an effective way to make the letters pop. 

When creating your design it’s important to keep the personality of your business and industry in mind. Dimensional letters for a daycare would look much different than ones for an accounting or legal office. Dimensional letters can also be installed for room identification or to announce a special campaign taking place, or an award being given.

Dimensional letters don’t have to break the bank. Designers can choose elements that will keep the sign within your budget. Dimensional letters add depth, and can be mounted directly to the wall, or onto a panel that is mounted to the wall for extra depth and easier installation. The sky’s the limit.

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