Make Sure Your Corporate Interior Speaks to Your Messaging

Lobby & Corporate Interiors

With increasing noise in the marketplace, companies in today’s world need to take advantage of every opportunity to communicate their brands, values and missions. Creating a space that embraces this idea can wow and engage potential customers from the moment they walk through your doors.

Branded corporate interiors do not only create a strong impression on customers. Studies have shown that the atmosphere of a workplace impacts overall productivity and satisfaction. Designing a corporate interior that emphasizes your mission and philosophy sends a strong and cohesive message about your brand to employees as well.

Powerful corporate interiors use space wisely to reinforce their messaging, and there are many ways to infuse your brand throughout. Hang a dimensional logo in the lobby, design a conference room that emphasizes your values, or create a timeline that shows your company’s achievements and milestones. You can add graphics and wall murals to your space to add color and information that highlights your brand and messaging. Don’t forget about break rooms and bathrooms as well. These can all serve to inform and motivate both visitors and employees, and create a unifying feel to your space.

There are many creative ways to emphasize your brand and messaging throughout. For instance, a manufacturing company can use the parts they make to create decorative pieces in their conference room. A company can also create a slideshow that shows their portfolio for visitors to view in its lobby. Corporate interiors can use space to recognize outstanding employees, customers, and contributors, or include a map to illustrate the reach of a company’s business. There are numerous options for making your corporate interior speak to your messaging so put on your thinking cap and unlock that creativity. Read more about lobby displays in 4 Reasons Why Lobby Designs Need to Impress.

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