Make Sure the Name of Your Event Resonates with Attendees

Name Your Event

What’s in a name? Surely your event, no matter what the name, will have people excited to attend. Naming your event is an integral part of the event experience. After all, would Bonnaroo or South by Southwest be the huge events they are today if they had more conventional names? We’re going to show you 3 ways to make your event’s name talkable, tweetable, and postable.

  1. Stand Out.

Research and attend events the rest of your industry and, more importantly, your competition, is throwing. Get a feel for how branding impacts everything from the marketing materials to the choice of speaker, to the snacks. Make sure you don’t come up with something that’s a knockoff, since no one wants to be a copycat.

When choosing the name for your event, be creative or even a little off-the-wall. Feel free to use puns, initials or abbreviations, especially if they are short and memorable. Short names are easy to hashtag, brand, and market, plus, a little cleverness goes a long way.

  1. Find Your Focus

What’s the heart of your event? Try to express your purpose in a creative way, whether through an acronym, twist, or a fun reference to pop culture. References help make names feel fresh and relevant, while allowing you to speak to your event goals.

Don’t be afraid to state the obvious. While it’s always better to do this in a way that’s not stale, sometimes the best solution is the simplest.

  1. Check It (Before you wreck your event)

Is someone else using your name or acronym? Can you grab a web domain or Twitter handle, or are they already taken? You should also consider whether your name is a good cultural fit for your target market, as some references might deter attendees.

Make sure to cross-check with other events so that you can achieve SEO optimization. Sometimes adding in location or other uncommon words can help achieve this. Remember, you want to stand out in a crowded events field, not blend in!


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