Make Blogging Part of Your Strategy for Upcoming Exhibits

Blogging Strategy

Creating a robust marketing strategy is essential for maximizing the Return On Investment of your upcoming exhibits. When done right, blogging can be an extremely useful and cost-effective way to promote your exhibit. Successful exhibiting requires coordinating a lot of moving parts and resources. Here are a few tips on ensuring blogging is an integral part of your strategy.

  1. Create a blog post with a unique angle. Now is the time to exercise your best writing and creative skills to construct an interesting take on your participation. Make the announcement catchy and exciting. Consider focusing on a specific aspect of your exhibit instead of giving a general overview. Will you be giving away items? Holding a contest? Featuring a new product or service? Use this opportunity to create hype about your exhibit and stand out from the crowd. We recommend posting content prior to, and after, the trade show or conference to create excitement and keep the momentum going.
  2. Post pictures and videos. Maximize the reach and interactivity of your posts by including lots of photos and videos. Prior to the event these can feature your staff getting ready, the progress of your booth being designed and built, photos and videos from your last show, and much more. During and after the event blog and post photos and videos highlighting exciting show moments, things you learned while attending, and how visitors and online followers can follow up with your organization.
  3. Share your blog through social media sites. It is essential to push your blog posts out through social media to reach as many eyes as possible. Take advantage of Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Snapchat, and more to promote your upcoming appearance, and consider sponsoring the posts to gain visibility. You can take different snippets from the same blog to create multiple posts. One and done is not enough to generate activity and spread the word. Remain consistent and on top of your social media game to get the most from your blogging efforts.
  4. Remember the blogging basics. Don’t forget to consider keyword analysis and search engine optimization when writing your blog posts. These help internet users find your content more easily. Be mindful of your headlines as well. If you need extra help with the technical parts of posting consider consulting with an online marketing company for guidance. It would be a waste to create a unique, attention-grabbing post, without giving it the legs to gain traction.

Content marketing and blogging is an extremely important part of effective marketing and event hype. Don’t miss out on the cost-effective opportunity to share exciting event news and updates with your viewers and the world. For more information on this topic, check out 5 Ways to Grab Media Attention at Your Next Event.  

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