Remarkable brand experiences begin with your lobby.

You probably don’t give your firm’s entry area a second thought. But truth be told, the lobby is the place where customers, employees, and potential investors all pass judgment on your company and brand. People may be captivated by the clever design of your website but what if they feel underwhelmed when they enter your office space? Stark walls and outdated furnishings are uninspiring at best. Your lobby is the place where first impressions are made, so use it to communicate your unique corporate story in a memorable and striking way.

Lead the way with intuitive wayfinding signage.
Have you ever walked into an office and weren’t sure if you were in the right place or which way you should go? It can be a confusing and frustrating situation, particularly in hospitals and other facilities where stress levels tend to run high.

Having well-placed, legible navigational signage in the reception area is one of the most important things you can do to welcome your visitors, customers, patients, and vendors. Maps, directories, interactive kiosks, and office signs are just a few examples of lobby signage that can help visitors to find their way and ensure their experience at your facility is a good one.

Transform a dull space with statement-making murals.

Do you want to create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere with an artistic flair? Are you looking for a way to grab visitors’ attention with a bold display of your company’s brand and products? Whatever type of environment you’re seeking to create, wall murals can transform a lackluster lobby in a variety of ways. Traditionally found in retail stores, restaurants, and athletic facilities, they’re now a popular trend in corporate office environments, as well. Historical timelines, inspirational quotes, decorative art, and regional imagery are among the most popular mural designs but the options are endless. As more and more businesses realize the value of creating an atmosphere that’s aesthetically pleasing to visitors and employees, wall murals are becoming a staple in modern office interior design.

It’s time to go digital.

From banks to fitness centers, chances are you’ve encountered these flexible and dynamic digital screens in the lobby. In the hospitality industry, they often showcase the main features of the hotel, welcome guests, and show nearby attractions. In medical offices, they’re commonly used to inform patients about self-care and to put them at ease before appointments. Large corporations and small businesses alike are finding value in office lobby screens for welcoming visitors, enhancing the customer experience, and seamlessly facilitating internal communications.

Turn to the talented professionals at Adler for mesmerizing, immersive solutions for all of your lobby and corporate interior needs, including:

  • Dimensional Logos
  • Conference Room Displays
  • Reception Desks
  • Company Timelines
  • Product Displays (sales centers)
  • Wall Murals
  • Mission/Vision Statement Displays
  • Wall Graphics
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Employee Recognition Displays
  • Interactive Displays
Working with the entire team at Adler Display was a joy. They made every step of the process easy. And their team of professionals created an amazing display that transcended our wildest hopes and imagination. Everyone who has seen the display asks who developed it—and we are proud to tell them about Adler Display!

Dale E. Galusha
Pacific Press Publishing Association

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