Trade Show Etiquette

Trade Show Etiquette

Now that your booth is ready for the show, your graphics are updated, and you’ve ordered amazing giveaways, let’s talk about your on-site team. Booth staffers are incredibly important at a show because they’re the face of your company, your salespeople, service, and support rolled up into one.

Since you never get a second chance at a first impression, here are some tips to help you and your staffers stick out in the minds of your prospects.

1. Stay Switched On, Even Off The Floor

Even off the floor, you and your staffers are representing the company. Make sure your team is courteous and respectful of others on and off the show floor. You definitely don’t want to angrily honk at, throw a drink on, or slam a door shut in a big prospect’s face!

2. Positive Body Language

Your team should be ready to go and prepared to engage prospects as soon as they enter the booth. Designate a greeter for the front of the booth, make eye contact, and avoid lounging or looking aimlessly at a phone.

3. Listen

Don’t try to pitch every client with the same script. Make sure you listen to their challenges and show them how your product will solve it. Don’t be a used car salesman.

4. Make Sure You’re On Script

While every prospect is unique, make sure you and your team members are on the same page. Prep talking points, FAQs, and quick pitches so each staffer is thoroughly grounded in product knowledge.

5. Network After the Show

You can make great connections before and after the show. Be genuine, ask questions, and get to know potential clients. Make sure you follow up with them once the show is over, as this is a key detail that’s too often ignored.

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