Is It Time to Replace Your Trade Show Exhibit?

Is It Time to Replace Your Trade Show Exhibit

Your trade show exhibit plays a critical role in representing your brand. If the competition is leaving you in the dust, it’s time to re-think your display.

An effective, high quality exhibit is well worth the investment.

Trade shows aren’t cheap ventures, given the cost of the booth space, furnishings, promotional items, and travel, not to mention the display structures themselves. But if you want to stand out on the show floor amid a sea of competitors and other businesses, you need an eye-catching display that represents your brand in an accurate and captivating way. Run down booth panels, missing lights and old logos aren’t going to generate interest. Research indicates that it take less than five seconds for attendees to decide whether to check out a booth or pass it by, so make yours one that’s worth a stop. If you’re pondering whether or not to replace your existing trade show display, here are some considerations that can help you decide which approach to take.

What’s been the lifespan of your display?

Most trade show exhibits have a three- to five-year life cycle. After that timeframe, it becomes challenging to deliver an enticing marketing message with a display that looks dated. If you’ve been using the same tired booth and configuration for longer than five years, it’s probably time for a replacement.

How extensive are the modifications you need to make?

If they’re relatively simple and inexpensive—some new graphic panels, for example—and the infrastructure itself is still sturdy and reliable, you could probably get away with a refurbishment. On the other hand, if the changes you’re envisioning are extensive, or if your display elements are in serious disrepair, replacement is your best bet. If you’re unsure about which way to go, identify what would be need to be done to your existing booth to bring it up to the standards and functionality you require. Then, get a couple of quotes from reputable display companies for refurbishing your current booth, as well as for producing a new display that meets your needs.

How much usage do you expect your booth to get over the next few years?

If you anticipate that your booth will only be used occasionally and will sit in storage the vast majority of the time, it may not be worth investing a lot of money to purchase a new one or substantially revamp an existing display. In this case, performing modest booth modifications or renting may be better options.

Do you incur excessive shipping costs with your current booth?

A large portion of any trade show budget is devoted to shipping and drayage, and these costs are on the rise. A new display is likely to be manufactured using lighter-weight materials, which could likely result in significant shipping and drayage savings, along with shorter installation and dismantle time. Contact your display company for an estimate of the shipping and drayage costs with a new exhibit. Then, assess the potential cost savings for shipping it to and from the exhibit venues on your trade show schedule.

When it comes to replacing or refurbishing your trade show exhibit, there’s a lot to consider.

It requires striking the right balance between its appeal, functionality and cost. You don’t need the biggest, most expensive booth to enjoy success at a trade show—you just need to communicate your message in an inspiring manner.

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