Interactive Donor Displays Can Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts

Interactive Donor Displays Can Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts

Interactive Donor Displays Can Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts

Traditionally, donor recognition displays have been largely static- lists of names under categories that might be incomprehensible to many. Today, as the need of non-profits change and grow, those techniques are no larger at the forefront of industry. 

In today’s fast-moving world, digital signage has increasingly become a key component of forward-thinking donor recognition programs.

How can you best use digital signage to enhance your fundraising?

  1. Update Immediately

Digital signage can help you guard against empty spaces as you wait for traditional displays to be updated. Instantly update donor lists to include new honorees, switch between gift levels, and even add new categories without having to reconfigure the display itself.

  1. Provide Information

Due to space constraints, many traditional displays don’t tell a story to those unfamiliar with your work. With digital signage for you donor recognition display, you can include testimonials, donor stories, and give potential donor or benefactors a feeling of being part of the big picture.

  1. Elevate Expectations

The rise of the Internet has not upended the traditional giving structure yet. But it has changed the connectedness of us all. Donors want more than just a monthly newsletter- they want to be a part of the mission. Digital signage can help facilitate immediate giving and increased connectivity by allowing users to discover relevant content, providing increased flexibility for one or more campaigns, and making every donor feel appreciated.

  1. Stay Cutting Edge

We all know the value of data. Interactive donor recognition displays can help capture information to make your campaigns more impactful.

Sharing meaningful, relevant content today in an increasingly busy world is a great way to break through the initial barriers and connect with your potential audience. Learn what resonates with your donors and what really drives them.

Digital signage for donor recognition displays is the future.  While it does take manpower and resourcefulness to continually make an impact, the benefits are clear. You’ll connect more with your donors, your community, and those you serve.

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