Illuminate Your Brand with Backlit Signage and Displays

Illuminate Your Brand with Backlit Signage and Displays

Illuminate Your Brand with Backlit Signage and Displays

Backlit signage has been increasingly used in trade shows and interior signage over the last few years.

LED lights have become increasingly longer lasting, more customizable, and less costly. Backlighting can now be an option for almost any project at any budget point. Permanent installations and tradeshows can both make great use of backlighting to welcome visitors, emphasize your brand values, or keep your look fresh and modern.

While most backlighting is placed behind a fabric graphic, we have also designed backlighting for use behind clear acrylic lettering, especially useful for dimensional logos or mission & values graphics.

Backlighting can have a big impact in several ways:

Static Use

This is the classic trade show backlit display. Here, backlighting can make your message stand out, place extra emphasis on your bullet points, and make your booth a brighter and more welcoming space.

Color changing backlighting

Color changing backlighting is newer technology, but it looks amazing. You can use color changing backlighting as an extra visual cue for your brand colors, a way to add movement to your graphics, or a fresh, novel visual that will draw attendees attention.

Spot- emphasis backlighting

Even newer than color changing backlighting, spot-emphasis backlighting can be used to highlight different portions of your booth at different times. This use is fantastic if you have a presentation- you can design your graphics and lighting to work together to provide emphasis.

Company logo or mission & vision graphics

When visitors and employees enter your office, make sure that they aren’t entering into another bland, corporate space. Bring your company logo and vision to life with a backlit logo or graphics to differentiate your space and keep your values in front of your stakeholders.

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