How to Keep Your Trade Show Booth Looking Good

How to Keep Your Trade Show Booth Looking Good

A trade show booth can be a significant investment in your business’s time, effort, and money. It can be disheartening going to a show and discovering that your graphics are dirty, parts are missing, or key pieces have been damaged. Here are some tips to lose that sinking feeling and keep your display looking like it did the day you got it.

1. Pack it carefully.

Most damage to trade show displays and graphics occurs at the end of a show. Even if you and your team are tired and ready to head home, don’t let that stop you from carefully disassembling and packing your graphics.

Make sure you roll your graphic panels carefully, and don’t just toss fabric graphics into a bag. The time you spend to fold them neatly is time you don’t have to use steaming them at the next show. If you don’t have a hard carry case, consider investing in one to protect your display hardware from bangs and bumps.

2. Understand how to set it up.

Another way things get broken or dirtied is during setup. When you purchase your display, make sure you get precise setup instructions from the manufacturer. If you’re getting your display at Adler, we can walk you through each step of the setup process to make sure you and your team know how everything works. That way you won’t have to worry about trying to figure it out from scratch.

While you set up your booth, make sure you have clean hands, or even gloves, if you have a light colored graphic. Dirt can easily be transferred to your graphic, so make sure you know the care instructions. For instance, can you dry clean or machine wash your fabric graphics?

3. Store your display properly & inspect your display before it goes to the show.

Don’t just toss your display aside when you get back to the office. Make sure it’s in a dry, climate-controlled environment in an area where it won’t be constantly moved, exposed to the elements, or banged into.

Inspecting the display before you ship it to your show is also important. No matter how careful you are, small parts and damage do occur, especially if you have a rotating cast of characters using the booth. If pieces are missing or broken, check with the manufacturer to see if damage is covered by your warranty. Making sure nothing is missing or broken before you head to a show will help you avoid rushing around at the last minute.

Let us know what you do to care for your display! Any special tips or tricks you use?

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