How to Effectively Incorporate Video into Your Next Trade Show

The secret to effectively incorporating video into your trade show booth is to create content that purposely doesn’t tell the audience everything about your company or product. The video should give them just enough information to want to engage more with your company. The purpose of the video is to catch their eye, pull them into the booth, and to prompt questions.

Who is attending the trade show? Are they engineers, CEO’s, techies, doctors, etc.? Different types of videos will speak to the different audiences. The style of video will depend on your product or service. An animated infographic might be good for software-based products, whereas, real life footage of your product in action will be great for products like car parts or construction.

Next question is, will the trade show allow sound in your booth? Chances are, they will not allow sound, or sound that can be heard from your neighboring exhibitor’s booth. With this in mind, your video must visually tell a story without words.

How long should the video be? It should be as long as it takes to tell a story and get people to take action. The length of the video should depend on the location of the TV screen. For instance, the videos on the outside of your booth should be like commercials, approximately 15-30 seconds and on a continuous loop. It’s unlikely the attendee walking by your booth will see the beginning of the video, so we recommend not having a beginning or end. The key message should be obvious every 20 seconds or so, to make them interested without seeing all the information. It should grab their attention in such a way they want to stick around to see the part they missed. Aka, get to the point quickly.

Videos on the inside of the booth can be a bit longer and speak more to the product you’re offering. The goal is still to get the viewer to interact with the people in your booth. If all representatives are busy, videos are a nice way to retain the attention of other viewers until someone is available. It would be beneficial to have comfy lounge chairs in the video area for people to sit and watch longer.

Overall, make sure the video compliments the booth and marketing strategy. Keep in mind, the hero in the video is the viewer and should focus on their needs. It is not a vanity video.

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