How to Dress For a Trade Show or Conference

How to Dress for A Trade Show or Conference

At trade shows and conferences, you might rely on your booth to represent your business, but don’t forget you and your booth staff are the face of your company. Let’s take a look at what that means in terms of your attire.

  1. Business casual is still the norm for employees and staff who are customer-facing. Even if your office is a casual-dress environment, you’ll want your staff to step it up a notch in front of potential customers, competitors, and other employees.
  2. Go matching. Provide your staff with company logoed shirts or polos and ask them to wear the same color slacks; khaki, grey, or black are the most popular options. This will help customers and others quickly identify a member of your staff if they have a question or concern, as well as increase your branded presence.
  3. Don’t overthink it. Dress standards are different across industries. Staffers representing financial firms will be expected to dress to a higher standard than construction company reps. Think about what dress makes sense for your industry and go with that.
  4. Clean and pressed. In the end, adding or subtracting a tie or jacket won’t be a deal breaker for your customers. Make sure you and your staff have clean, pressed clothes and present a professional appearance. Avoid stains, sagging pants, or sloppy ensembles. You should be comfortable but professional.

Dressing professionally is tricky for some folks to master. If you have concerns about a member of your staff, make sure you address it before the show. Be up front with your expectations so you can ensure your staff is representing your company’s brand standards.


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