How Digital Signage is Transforming the College Campus

How Digital Signage is Transforming the College Campus

How Digital Signage is Transforming the College Campus

Today’s college students are more tech-savvy and mobile than ever before. 

A ‘digital generation’, they’re accustomed to accessing the information they need in a hurry, and that means communicating through videos, phones and the Internet. That crowded bulletin board in the student union has been replaced by immense amounts of real-time information that’s available 24x7. To attract today’s youth, higher education institutions need solutions that can provide information quickly, easily and in appealing ways. Enter digital signs. These easy-to-update boards offer schools the ability to interact and share valuable information with students, faculty, and community members on a dime.

On college campuses, massive amounts of information are distributed every day—and not just in classes

Students have an interest in a range of topics that could include everything from their psychology professor’s office hours to today’s lunch options. What’s the best way to disseminate that information without overwhelming people? Digital signage answers the call. As nearly 70% of U.S. colleges have already discovered, digital signage is an ideal tool for the higher education setting. Check out some of its many uses and benefits below:

Make wayfinding a snap.  

Sprawling campuses, meandering hallways and mazes of buildings can make it difficult for visitors and new students to navigate. Static map signage quickly fades and becomes obsolete, requiring frequent updating and replacement. Instead, why not place digital maps in high-traffic to make it easier for people to find their destinations? The display can show the best route to get where they’re going, and with mobile integration, users can even send the directions to their phones. In outdoor locations, daylight-readable displays located at decision points like pedestrian walkways and parking garages can provide mapping and important notifications. In buildings, interactive touchscreen kiosks in lobbies, intersecting hallways and other points where navigational help may be needed can offer directions, directories, maps and other valuable wayfinding assistance.

Give recruitment efforts a boost. 

In addition to providing navigational services, university administrators can use digital signage solutions to enhance their recruitment of prospective students who visit campus. Interactive kiosks placed throughout a campus tour route, for example, might offer visitors and their families an opportunity to sign up to receive important applicant information or share other real-time recruitment announcements. Some colleges are really amping up the wow factor with personalized greetings for each prospective student as they enter the campus for their tour.

Relay important student information. 

Digital signs make it easy for schools to communicate with students regarding upcoming events, important deadlines like registration or tuition, class schedule changes, community news, and emergency announcements. Centralized digital signage allows colleges and universities to efficiently get the word out whenever and wherever on campus.

Digital Signage is Transforming the College Campus

Enhance learning.

Interactive displays and LED display walls are being used in lecture halls and classrooms across the country to provide visual canvases for teaching and collaboration. These screens are ideal for showing educational videos, as well as for sharing upcoming activities, due dates, and test results. Digital screens located in lobbies, reception areas and outside of lecture halls, classrooms and meeting spaces show what’s scheduled, room by room, at specific times.

Up your game by engaging fans and visitors. 

Digital signage is ideal for sports and event venues, as well as alumni centers and museums, to inform and engage fans. From practical uses like menu boards at concession stands and wayfinding to locate restrooms, to more festive purposes such as welcoming fans at entrances and concourses, digital displays make it easy to boost school spirit. Celebrations for great athletes and important historical moments can also be readily shared through the convenience of digital displays.

Campus life gets easier with digital signage. 

More and more institutions of higher education are embracing digital displays and interactive kiosks as a way to streamline processes, improve communication, and bring the entire campus community together. Managing content is easy, regardless of the size of the campus. Unlike conventional paper posters and messaging, a digital signage network can be changed with the touch of a button—all across campus. Today's digital displays are also environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. In short, they’re a signage solution with immeasurable benefits for the collegiate environment.

With so many colleges and universities adopting digital technology, now is a great time to join them. 

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