Proudly showcase your rich history.

Are you seeking to share your organization’s unique story in a memorable way? Or perhaps you have limited space to display artifacts, recognize key events, and ensure you still have room to include future accomplishments? When it comes to memorializing your organization’s most significant milestones, historical timeline displays are the way to go. These visual narratives show the evolution of a company, organization, or educational institution and its important products, services, events, and leaders. They can also serve as a powerful testament to an organization’s ability to succeed amid challenging times and changing landscapes.

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Turn Your Historical Timeline Ideas into Contemporary Reality

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Bring the past to life.

Prominently placed, appealing historical displays are a valuable means to communicate the heritage of your corporation and the route that was taken from its formation to the present day. A pictorial history wall featuring graphics and archival photos is a spellbinding and imaginative way to tell your firm’s story, for example. But what if your business relatively new and its history brief? Create a display that shares your corporate mission, the industry your serve, and/or the benefits you bring to clients. Different styles, themes, amount of detail, use of imagery and color, ways of showing time progression…there’s virtually no limit to the ways you can make timeline displays work for you.

Subtly sell your brand.

Signage is often a more effective marketing tool when it’s less obvious and more inspiring. For example, it can be used as a visual to depict your organization’s journey—where you’ve been, where you’re headed, your mission, your motivations, and who you serve. A carefully crafted history timeline allows you to create a deeply moving and inspiring narrative that captivates viewers and helps them to better understand your firm’s core values and the many benefits you bring to the world.

Click to view The U.S. Air Force Band Historical Timeline created by Adler Display

Give credit where it’s due.

The people in your organization’s history books deserve to be acknowledged for their many contributions. Your donors, benefactors, constituents, and employees are sure to appreciate this special recognition. And of course, the more they understand how you got where you are today, the more likely they are to continue to support you in the future. Through compelling historical timelines and captivating exhibit designs, we can help you depict your organization’s remarkable past and secure a firm foundation for the road ahead.

Every organization is unique and your historical representation should be, too.

Adler Display’s talented designers will work with you to properly honor and highlight your exclusive past and prepare for its bright future. We can assist with all of your historical timeline needs, including:

  • Timeline Displays
  • Museum Displays
  • Interactive Displays

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“We were very impressed with Adler Display from the moment Ron Adler presented his idea to us on our school timeline project. We loved the design concept and it was clear that Adler had really listened to us about the concept we were looking for! The staff and designers were so easy to work with and the editing process went extremely well! We are so pleased with our timeline!”

– Jennifer Powlo-Johnson, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern Mutual Historical Timeline detail
Testimonial from Northwestern Mutual
“I work at Northwestern Mutual in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The project I was working on was a historical timeline of our office. I had done months of research and was ready to hire someone to create the timeline for me. I had never done a project like this, so I started researching companies throughout the nation. Adler Display was a perfect fit!

From the very beginning Jeff made me feel comfortable talking to him about this project. I felt like he listened to my design ideas and answered any questions I had. He made suggestions on how Adler Display could make my design even better. When he introduced me to his design team, they were all extremely nice and accommodating.

Alexandra is an amazing designer. She created the proofs of the design, and man, does she do a fantastic job! I was nervous that the photos I had weren’t going to be quality when blown up to a larger size, but she assured me that it would be great. Towards the end of the project we decided to add a few more dates to our timeline, and Alexandra quickly added them to the design. Alexandra is efficient and talented!

Marcy helped coordinate the installation. She asked all the right questions to make sure that the timeline made it to our office successfully! She kept me updated by the minute. I appreciate her hard work at making sure the timeline was delivered and installed properly.

The entire team kept me in the loop through the whole process. They were very responsive and quick when replying to emails, which is how I prefer to communicate. The project, from start to finish was done virtually because we were in different states, and it honestly couldn’t have gone better. They were extremely professional and efficient. The timeline is perfect- from the photos, to the metal dates on the timeline! I can’t say enough good things about Adler Display and these wonderful individuals.”