Timeline displays show the evolution of a company, organization, or school and its important products, services, events and leaders. They capture the organization’s ability to stay ahead amidst changing times in history.

Memorializing Your Organization’s Milestones
Do you need a way to honor, display, and consolidate your organization’s story in one place? Are you faced with displaying artifacts, remembering events and milestones, and ensuring you have room for future accomplishments?

Your past is the foundation for your future. The people in your organization’s history books deserve to be recognized. Donors, benefactors, constituents, and employees thrive on understanding how you got where you are today. Through compelling historical timelines and exhibit designs, we help you bring the past to life.

Timelines can be designed and built in a large variety of ways with different styles, themes, amount of details, use of imagery and color, and ways of showing time progression.

Since no two timelines are exactly alike, our designers will work with you to properly honor and highlight your history and prepare for your future.

Click to view The U.S. Air Force Band Historical Timeline created by Adler Display

Adding an organization Timeline to your office is a great way to:

Show how your business started, honor founding members, and celebrate achievements along the way. Interactive features, such as touchscreen monitors, can be incorporated into timeline displays and store vast amounts of information for visitors to browse.

Along with the organization’s mission and values, timeline displays often showcase:

  • Growth or relocation of facility
  • New and evolving products
  • Founders and key leaders
  • New technology
  • Achievements
  • Anniversaries

Adler Display can help with all of your Historical Timeline needs including:

  • Timeline Displays
  • Museum Displays
  • Interactive Displays

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“We were very impressed with Adler Display from the moment Ron Adler presented his idea to us on our school timeline project. We loved the design concept and it was clear that Adler had really listened to us about the concept we were looking for! The staff and designers were so easy to work with and the editing process went extremely well! We are so pleased with our timeline!”

– Jennifer Powlo-Johnson, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute