Historical Timelines: Clever Ways to Share Your Corporate Evolution

Historical Timelines share the evolution of your company.

Timeline and history display walls are becoming must haves for companies of any size. Historical context for brands is more important than ever, especially for those celebrating significant anniversaries or making major changes.

Recognizing and promoting your brand's story and company's history can be a challenging task. Sometimes the amount of information can be overwhelming or tricky to organize in a way that makes sense. Here are some great tips for designing and presenting your company’s history:

  1. Choose the right location.

The location you pick for a timeline correlates with your potential audience. Potential clients? Place it up front in the lobby or in a meeting space. Employees? Choose a break room, conference room, or other gathering place where it will get a lot of internal attention. Choose a destination that showcases your company’s pride and passion.

  1. Let them touch!

Rows of old black and white photos with gobs of text are passé. Instead, use dimension and technology to let visitors interact with your story. You can refresh your content, display old products and images in a more interactive way, and even incorporate music or spoken word effects.

  1. Make sure you have a consistent theme.

Think of your company’s core values and premises, and then lay it out for all to see. You can organize by year, by leader, or even by product. Just make sure that your timeline is organized and flows consistently.

  1. Focus on people.

Some of the most interesting, attention-grabbing tidbits aren’t about dates or products, but about the people who brought them to life. Don’t be afraid to use quotes, human interest stories, or fun facts that bring out what makes your company unique.

A well-crafted timeline will be a must-see on every company tour. When you think about your options strategically and creatively, you can reach audiences both inside and outside of your organization.

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