Hashtag Your Way to Success at Your Next Event

The purpose of a hashtag is for people to discover your events, share their experiences, and to connect with others.

A hashtag creates a global discussion around one simple topic or event, aside from the people who already follow you. If done right, a hashtag is the best kind of free advertising pulling together an entire community of supporters for your brand and event.

What makes a good hashtag?

Memorable: Keep the hashtag as close to your event’s name as possible. Stay away from long acronyms, numbers, and jumbled words; you could start to lose people because they won’t remember the hashtag.

Unique: If your hashtag isn’t unique to just your event, then you’ll be sharing the feed with other events and followers. Have a unique hashtag that is exclusive to your event traffic.

Short and sweet: Just like memorability, the longer the hashtag, the less likely people will remember. Or, they will type it wrong, losing the point of the hashtag in the first place. Remember, your tweeters only have 140-characters, so a short hashtag won’t take up too much space.

Recyclable: If your event is every year, pick a hashtag that can be recycled from year-to-year. In doing so, you are creating an archive of all past conversations, pictures, and posts. If you generate a new hashtag for each event, you are only complicating things and will have to promote it all over again.

Once you’ve picked your hashtag, make sure to include it in all event-related marketing content to generate buzz before the event. Ask your attendees to join the conversation before, during, and after the event. The more times people see the hashtag, the more likely they are to remember and use it.   

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