Great Technologies for Trade Show Marketing

Great technologies for trade show marketing

Incorporating technology into your booth is a great way to up your game on trade show marketing. From large screens to interactive lead capture, there are so many ways to implement new technologies in your booth. Using technology for trade show marketing has numerous benefits. Attendees who are engaged, stimulated and educated take less time to reach the purchase stage. Here are some ideas to consider for your next show:

Attract Attention with Monitors

The placement of one or more large screen monitors in your trade show display will create appeal and draw visitors’ attention long enough for a member of your booth staff to engage them in a conversation. Use large screens with rotating images, animations or videos that promote products and services, provide demonstrations, or present client testimonials. Monitors with colorful images or graphics, music and movement will go a long way to stop traffic and pull attendees into your booth. Large screen monitors are also cost-effective, allowing for long-term use even with a changing trade show message. This means they can be used from one trade show to the next.

Interact and Play

Touch screen kiosks, tablets, and other interactive technologies enable visitors to explore information on your products based on their interests, and at their own pace. Trade shows aren’t the place for all work and no play, so consider drawing in attendees with electronic games. Reward winners with prizes that promote your brand. You can even create a digital high score board to raise the competition stakes and get people excited to visit your booth.

Capture Leads

Generating sales leads is often one of the primary goals of your trade show marketing plan, and there are multiple ways to use technology to make lead capture more efficient. Badge scanners capture leads electronically so they may be imported into your database or CRM. Tablet apps that capture lead information and email you tracking reports are a great investment for trade show goers. This will help determine the ROI of your trade show attendance and possible next steps. You can also use your smart phone or tablet to snap a picture of visitor business cards for a quick and easy way to grab the information.

Engage with Social Media

Social media is everywhere, so why not put it to good use on the trade show floor? You can post show photos on digital screens or add a monitor with live tweets featuring a trade show hash tag for your booth. Engaging attendees in social media at the event also helps you keep up with them after as your social media followers the trade show is over.

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