Going Green: Is Your Trade Show Exhibit Built for Sustainability?

In the world of trade shows, high carbon footprint materials and waste often run rampant.

From discarded shipping containers to unused food to the endless literature that winds up in the trash, the landscape is ripe with opportunities for ecological improvement. Sustainable offerings, also referred to as “green” and “eco friendly”, strive to create an environment that can renew itself without harming natural cycles for future stakeholders. Sourcing better materials; adapting to newer, greener technologies; and recycling when possible are among the hallmarks of today’s sustainable exhibits. There are many easy ways to create an environmentally friendly trade show booth without sacrificing your brand’s style. If anything, going green will show prospects and customers that your forward-thinking company cares about the planet as well as the bottom line.

Is Your Trade Show Exhibit Built for Sustainability?

Read on for some practical pointers in sustainable exhibit design.

Choose green materials.

Not all trade show booths are constructed from new wood. From raw materials to graphics to flooring, plenty of smart choices are available for exhibit construction. Materials such as tension fabric, glass, stone, and reclaimed wood are environmentally friendly and easy to use again and again. Your designer can introduce you to a range of sustainable display elements and guide you through the process of incorporating them into your green trade show display.

Opt for lightweight components.

The lighter your booth is, the lower its shipping and drayage expense will be. The planet wins, too, because a lighter booth requires less fuel to ship and therefore, results in less pollution. Some examples of lightweight display materials include tensioned fabric, aluminum, interlocking cardboard, high-density foam, and inflatable furniture and accessories.

Let there be light.

Dramatic booth lighting can be used to highlight products, entryways, and create ambiance. It’s a crucial element of successful trade show booth design, but lighting can also be an important part of sustainable design. Choose energy-efficient LEDs to create the beautiful glow you’re seeking while helping to preserve the health of the planet. After the trade show is over, you could use these LEDs in your office to save even more money and further reduce your energy usage.

Convert marketing materials to digital.

Not only will it modernize your trade show exhibit, it also eliminates tons of paper waste. Position monitors to display information in a captivating way that eliminates the need for pamphlets. You could also make use of tablets to deliver powerful interactive visitor experiences that will set your company apart from the crowd.

Make reuse a habit.

Adler makes it easy to extend the life of your custom modular or portable display. Reskinning or reusing its components means your booth can easily be adapted to reflect changing branding, messaging, and deliverables. Another option is to use your booth as a way to revamp the décor in your place of business. For example, exhibit walls can be repurposed as avant garde design elements for the conference room, while countertops can be put to work in the break room or reception area. Put your thinking cap on and you’ll come up with many creative ways to incorporate display elements into your workplace décor. If recycling your booth within your own organization isn’t viable, consider donating its materials to local charities.

Go the rental route.

Trade show booth rental affords the flexibility to showcase your brand and its specific solutions while utilizing durable, environmentally-conscious components that have been used time and time again.

For decades, Adler Display has embraced sustainable trade show exhibit design through the proper selection of green building materials, lighter weight components, energy efficient lighting and eco-friendly graphics. Please contact our knowledgeable team to get started on your sustainable display design.

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