Jan 12, 2021 | Articles

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty lies right around the corner. Businesses in every sector have been forced to quickly pivot and adjust to a ‘new normal’ amid rapidly fluctuating circumstances.

The theme of signage trends in 2021 reflects that adaptability and is especially suited to companies that are seeking to actively upgrade their brand image through their graphics.

Read on to learn more about four signage trends we can expect in the year ahead.

Four Signage Trends for 2021 that Every Business Needs to Know

Wayfinding systems will take on renewed importance. In 2021 and possibly beyond, businesses must find ways to improve the customer experience amid COVID-19. With health concerns top of mind, people are adhering to a DIY philosophy, preferring to help themselves as much as possible. Wayfinding signs make it easier for people to navigate through commercial establishments to find what they’re looking for, whether that means an office, a classroom, a restaurant, or a store. In the retail sector, for example, consumers are seeking easy, safe, hassle-free shopping, and wayfinding is the key to making that happen. Legible, well-placed, wayfinding signs keep visitors informed and feeling confident during their outings, making them a must-have feature for all types of commercial establishments in the year ahead.

Digital will get more attention than ever. A tech approach to signage isn’t right for every business, but it has its share of advantages. Digital displays are brightly lit and can be created in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions to draw attention even from a distance. Sleek and modern, they can also be quickly modified to display current information, such as daily specials and promotions. In the restaurant industry, digital menus are a great, safe option that allows for easy updates and changes. The hospitality industry often relies on digital to safely and easily direct guests to ballrooms and meeting rooms. Businesses in a variety of industries are finding ways to make digital signs work for them. Best of all, the options are truly endless.

Faux finishes will steal the show. In today’s unstable economy, businesses are scrupulously watching their bottom lines.A faux finish can offer added flexibility in design options, especially for organizations that are on a limited budget. These paints or prints recreate a texture or the appearance of certain materials, such as metal, stone, wood, brick, or marble, at a fraction of the cost. A company might invest in a metal faux finish instead of actually building a steel wall, for example. When they are professionally created, it can be nearly impossible to tell faux finishes apart from their material counterparts. Another big benefit of faux finishes is that they can be matched to any brand element or existing interior finish. For example, you might choose to add specific textures to your signage that align with your company’s key colors.

Less will continue to be more. When it comes to the latest design trends in signage, minimalism is definitely ‘in’. Gone are those days when people were drawn to gaudy signs and flashy multi-colored banners. Particularly in the retail industry, the consumers of today have matured and are seeking to interact with brands that reflect their personality. Simple, unembellished signage helps to humanize brands and allows companies to establish an emotional connection with their intended audience. For 2021, forego the carnival sideshow motif and think sleek, sophisticated, and minimal instead.

Signage has the power to connect people. In uncertain times, that’s more important than ever. If your signage is worn or outdated, now is a great time to create a fresh, modern look that will attract visitors and make everyone who enters feel right at home.

Your signage is a reflection of your business. Contact the friendly creative experts at Adler Display to find out how we can update and improve your signage for the year ahead.

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