Five Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Headlines to Get Donor Response

Attention Grabbing Headlines

When it comes to creating effective email campaigns, those who are charged with fundraising, such as schools and hospitals, can benefit from writing great headlines. You don’t want to waste time creating a powerful email only to have recipients click delete upon entering their inbox. That’s where the art of writing exceptional attention-grabbing headlines comes in. Here are five tips for getting a response: 

  1. Make it unique – First impressions count. Most peoples’ inboxes are flooded with emails all day long. If you want to get your email read, make sure the subject line stands out among the rest, while being clear about the topic. Using a unique headline will help make sure yours gets noticed and read, and shows the recipient some of your personality. It’s also important to consider your audience when deciding what will pique their interest.
  2. Be specific and match the content of the email – One way to turn readers off is to consistently present one thing in the headline, and then have the body of your email be unrelated or simply not deliver what is promised. Make sure to provide what you say you will. This will ensure the right people are reading your emails, because they are actually interested in the topic.
  3. Show relevancy – Use your headline to answer the question, why does it matter to the reader? Focus on what is useful and beneficial for the reader, rather than the features of what you are selling. Connect the dots so the end result is clear and easy to see upon first glance. Since many readers only read headlines, this ensures they still get an idea of what you are offering even if they don’t read the full article.
  4. Create urgency –Tell your reader why they should act now. People receive tons of emails, so make a strong case about why they should open yours and take action immediately. It’s easy to dismiss something you can wait on, so create a sense of urgency (without sounding too much like an advertisement) to increase open rates.
  5. Try them out – Use A/B testing to compare the open and click through rates of different headlines. Divide your list into two or more segments. Send out the same email with different headlines to compare results. The data you collect can help create better headlines in the future. You can experiment with different headline lengths, wording structure, use of words that create a sense of urgency, and more.

Creating a great headline is important to the success of your email.  Its job is to draw in the recipient and get them to read the full article. For more writing tips, check out Don’t Forget Content is King in Displays Too!

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