Five Things to Include in Your Next Sports Related Display

Sports Related Displays

From hall of fame exhibits to athletic donor recognition signage, numerous schools and organizations create athletic displays honoring outstanding teams and their achievements. We reviewed a variety of sports-related displays from the past year and compiled a list of five things to include in your next athletics display. Let the games begin!

  1. Special Achievements: Whether your team won the division championship or achieved something a little quirkier, like a hat trick, building a display to commemorate the event is a great way to remember and honor these special achievements.
  2. Motivational Messages go hand in hand with sports. This is why it’s a great idea to incorporate these messages in athletic facilities, such as gyms and training areas, which is exactly what University of Maryland did for its student athletes. Now while students are pumping iron or running a few laps they will have these words of wisdom to keep them going.
  3. MVPs: Don’t forget about your most valuable players when planning an athletic display. Hall of Fame displays, such as the one for Hood College, honor student athletes who have made significant contributions to the school’s athletic tradition.
  4. Dedicated Signage for Your Greatest Fans & Supporters: Does your athletic program benefit from generous donors? If so, use your facility to honor them. Several college campuses, including Mount Saint Mary’s and Hood College, use signage to name parts of their facility for various donors and graduating classes. Naming opportunities are also great for fueling a future fundraising campaign.
  5. Interactive Screens are more popular than ever for incorporation into displays and exhibits. This display for Mount Saint Joseph College includes an interactive touchscreen monitor which provides information about the school’s history with bios on many student athletes.

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