Feb 4, 2021 | Articles

Your school’s signage wields more influence than you may think.

In the past, school signs played a relatively simple role in the educational landscape. They were usually viewed as a means to indicate the name of a building or classroom or to direct people from point A to point B. Today’s education leaders realize that signage has evolved to include significant branding opportunities, the ability to attract prospective students and donors, recognize accomplishments, and much more.

Here are five ways to put your school’s signage systems to work to enhance the overall student experience.

Five Creative Ways to Enhance the Student Experience through Signage and Displays

1. Put your best foot forward.

For many educational institutions, there’s tremendous competition to acquire new students, so it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to make the best first impression on visitors to your campus. Because it’s such a robust visual medium, implementing a strategic, cohesive sign and display program can yield big benefits for your school.

2.Maintain healthy operations.

Social distancing, enhanced safety measures, and rigorous protocols have become the ‘new normal’ in educational environments. Available in an endless array of colors and styles, face mask signs can encourage students, staff, and visitors to wear face coverings in and around your school site. Children need reminders to maintain their distance from others, particularly in common areas such as playgrounds, cafeterias, and sidewalks. Heavy-duty removable floor decals are a great solution. You can easily inform students and staff of vital handwashing protocols by posting signs in bathrooms and throughout your facility. When there’s so much to consider, signage becomes an indispensable mainstay.

3. Relay important student information.

Digital signs make it easy for schools to communicate with students regarding safety information, upcoming events, important deadlines like registration or tuition, class schedule changes, community news, and emergency announcements. Centralized digital signage allows larger educational institutions to efficiently get the word out campus-wide.

4. Promote civic organizations and student involvement.

Get the word out about clubs, student activities, events, and more. From simple banners to interactive digital displays, it’s easy to let your student body know about the many ways they can engage with your school.

5. Up your game.

Digital signage in particular is ideal for sports and event venues, as well as alumni centers and museums, to inform and engage fans. From practical uses like menu boards at concession areas and wayfinding signage to locate restrooms, to more festive purposes such as welcoming fans at entrances and concourses, digital displays are the perfect tool to bolster school spirit. Celebrations for great athletes and important historical moments can also be readily shared through the convenience of digital displays.

You hold the keys to a welcoming atmosphere. Get imaginative with your signage and displays to transform standard directional information and ominous safety messages into interesting communications. Use clever wording, creative images, and other smart visuals to boost appeal and lighten the mood.

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