Engaging Millennials at Your Next Trade Show

Engaging Millennials

As the millennial generation continues to grow it is important for marketers to pay attention to them. This means taking time to understand their mindsets and what drives their habits as consumers and professionals in the workplace. While millennials are tech savvy and often use multiple devices, they also value face-to-face interaction. One place that provides such interaction is on the trade show floor.

Millennials like to be ahead of the curve. They’ve grown up in a quickly evolving landscape when it comes to technology, with a rapidly expanding selection of things to choose from. This makes them a likely bunch to attend a trade show, as trade shows are the place where companies present their latest products and services.

When marketing to millennials it is important to promote an authentic message and story, as they can be cynical when it comes to phony promises and brands. Millennials cherish hands-on experiences with brands they buy from, which is something they can get by attending a trade show.

Trade shows provide an opportunity for attendees to have face-to-face time with brand representatives, which is a great way to engage millennials and give them a chance to be heard. Millennials appreciate two-way relationships with the brands they buy from, including a chance to provide feedback. Make sure your trade show staff asks them about their interests and needs, and starts a dialogue that helps build a relationship, not just a one-sided monologue.

Social media is a great way to engage millennials before, during, and after your trade show. Use interactive displays like video walls and iPad to draw this tech-savvy generation into your booth. Take advantage of posting on Twitter and other social media channels to draw attention to your company, and provide links to online collateral instead of print copies.

Millennials choose brands carefully, and remain loyal to those brands, so consider starting a loyalty program as a reward. Try to incorporate unique elements into your booth to offer something different than the norm. Following these considerations will certainly go a long way in drawing in members of the millennial generation.

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