Employee & Achievement Recognition Displays

Here today because of you employee recognition display

Click the image above to see more examples of our COVID-19 displays to recognize healthcare heroes and first responders.

Employee Recognition Displays: Thanking for service…encouraging service.

Your employees are the face of your business.

The more appreciated they feel, the more gracious and professional they are when treating your customers. Employee Recognition Displays motivate other employees to work fervently and allow your business to succeed. Displays can be easily updated and organized so that your employees will be recognized for generations.

Honoring healthcare heroes.

As the COVID-19 pandemic roars through the world, it puts a spotlight on healthcare and other essential workers. These individuals put themselves on the frontline to help combat the Coronavirus and many have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

An article from US News & World Report says, "At Hopkins, they're testing 200 to 400 people daily for the coronavirus via drive-thru tents to limit everyone's exposure. 'We're all trying to practice social distancing. During surgery, of course, that's impossible. And critical supplies of protective gear are dwindling.' Patient rounds – led by attending physicians and including residents, nurses, physician assistants, medical students, nutritionists, and social workers – have taken on a new complexion.

These masked superheroes deserve recognition. At Adler Display, we're honored to help fulfill this need.

Below are several examples of Employee & Achievement Displays we've created on behalf of our clients. For additional designs that specifically recognize Healthcare Heroes & Essential Workers click here