Does Size Really Matter?

Does size really matter

When purchasing a booth space, you find yourself wondering if buying the larger space is more beneficial, however that is not always the case. If your company is new to the trade show world, it is highly recommended to have a small 10x10 or 10x20 inline booth to get a feel for the trade show marketing strategy before spending top dollar.

If the space is effectively and efficiently used, a smaller booth space is all you need.  Make an impact with flashy graphics, contest prizes, and have refreshed and friendly booth staffers.  Take it a step further, and create a social media buzz with what attendees can expect if they visit your booth.  For example free smoothies or cookies; this will spike interest no matter the size of your booth!  

Each booth size offers different rewards.  Take a read below and see what best fits your exhibiting needs.

Tips for a small exhibit:

  • Stay organized – With limited space for attendees to stand around, it’s important to keep the space clean and welcoming.
  • Energetic staffers – The biggest mistake staffers can do is sit, it’s very uninviting and off-putting. Make sure you are alive, friendly, easily approachable, and engaging.  Start the conversation with passer-byers; most of them are too shy to do it themselves.  
  • Eye-catching graphics – It’s difficult to stand out when your inline exhibit is amongst others. Have bright and bold graphics.  Only include your company logo, product, and call to action on the graphics.  With a small booth, there isn’t enough room for attendees to stop and read the bullet points.  Leave the details to your staff to discuss with attendees, that’s why they’re there right?
  • Reception counter – Do not block the entrance of your small inline booth with more than one reception counter.  Having more than one counter creates a barrier between you and the attendees, making it difficult to have a personable quiet conversation.  

Are you an industry titan and have a large booth space reserved?  Typically a large booth space will be an island configuration and located towards the front of the exhibit hall.  These booths receive more attention and visibility, which requires more teamwork and effort to succeed at trade shows. The investment is bigger, the attention is larger, and the stakes are higher!

With a large booth space, the exhibit possibilities are endless, especially if you have money to spend! Yes, these booths will receive the most attention because they’ll incorporate coffee and alcohol bars, catering stations, and flashy technology devices.  But with that much expenditure, the Return on Investment will be lower, if at all any.  

However, having a large booth space doesn’t necessary mean you need to spend big bucks to have a competitive booth.  Your budget may be dwindling because you spent the majority of it on the space, so bring a smaller exhibit to the show, and fill the remaining space with comfy lounge seating for more intimate meetings.  Or put on a demonstration with company-owned products to save money and draw a crowd!

Tips for a large exhibit:

  • Be prepared! – You have more ground to cover.  Plan to have a booth walk-through with the staff before show opening to have a set strategy.  Establish zones for everyone to cover so attendees can be reached from all directions.
  • Lead generation – Use lead retrieval scanners from the show organizers.  With a small booth, it’s easy to talk to everyone that comes to your exhibit.  However, with a large booth space, there may be 5-10 people listening and watching your demonstration. Give your staff scanners to collect contact information as they present.  
  • Make your team visible – With crowds moving through your booth space, it’s important that attendees can differentiate between your staff and attendees.  
  • Exhibit Design – Will your booth entice attendees to enter or are you too intimidating?  From the beginning, keep in mind the traffic flow.  Have an easy inviting entrance with a fluid design, guiding attendees from one area to the next.  The longer you keep attendees in your large booth, the more opportunities your staff has to talk about new product!

Do you exhibit at more than one show a year?  Look at each trade show and weigh which have more importance than others.  At the main trade shows purchase a large booth space to create a presence, while at others you may only need a table top display.  Research your Return on Investment (ROI) for each show and establish a budget for the booth size.  

Learn more about ROI here by clicking here to read: "Ways to Measure Your Tradeshow's ROI"

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