Oct 12, 2016 | Articles

Color is known for having a powerful psychological effect on customer’s behavior and decisions.  It’s understood that colors appeal greatly to our visual senses, with certain colors stimulating areas of our brain which will promote excitement or calmness.  Designers and marketers take advantage of this and organize campaigns around color schemes to appeal to the desired demographics.  

When a consumer is shopping, each business is competing for their attention.  Attractive storefronts, signage, and displays play a key role in your success.  If your signage is primarily to attract customers, choose bright and vibrant colors like reds and yellows, or if you want to send a specific message, choose colors that pertain to your industry.

Here is a breakdown of each color for your next sign:

Red and orange
Red and orange are loud, proud, and will stand out in the crowd.  The eye-catching colors are creative, youthful, enthusiastic, and will raise the energy level of customers.  Giving a sense of urgency, customers are compelled to buy right away, especially if it’s a sale in the last hour.
Industries include: food, technology, cars, agriculture, and retail.

Blue and green
These colors have an emotional impact on customers.  A feeling of calmness, reliability, and a sense of dependency comes to the customers, these are brand colors you can trust.  Blue and green signage creates a trusting relationship with the customer and distinguishes your expertise in the industry.      
Industries include: environmental, pharmaceutical, social media, and technology.

Just like the sun, yellow evokes feelings of optimism, clarity, and warmth.  The color is reminiscent of treasure and gold, calling customers to want what you have. Yellow creates a fun and friendly environment, encouraging customers to have some fun in your store. On signage, yellow is a great starburst color or call-to-action emphasis.
Industries include: retail, food, environmental, construction, and safety.

Purple is associated with royalty, wealth, and sacredness communicating quality and decadence in brand marketing. Used on signage, purple suggests creativity, wisdom, and luxury. Customers gravitate to purple signage because they feel as though the product is rare and hard to achieve.
Industries include: search engines, retail, technology, and finance.

White is the color of purity, innocence, clarity, and cleanliness.  This color is used mainly with companies trying to convey healthy hygiene and sanitation.  In particular for signage, white creates a contrast, highlighting logos, text, and pictures. The white space opens up an area and gives breathing room to crowded images, or lengthy text.
Industries include: healthcare, pharmaceutical, household supplies, and technology.

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