Do's and Don'ts of Table Top Displays

Table top displays

Table top shows are often an afterthought to your main trade show or event marketing efforts. However, we think they should be one of the most compelling pieces in your arsenal. Since they are often used at smaller, more informal shows, your table top display can raise your profile effectively. Here are some ideas to help you put together an attention-getting display.

  1. Create effective visuals

Even at smaller shows, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of attendees. Make sure your message comes through loud and clear with even just a quick glance at your display. Don’t try to replicate your larger displays. Prospects can become overwhelmed if your visuals are a cluttered mix of text and lists.

  1. Pick the right display for the job

Before the show, try to check out your competition and see what they are bringing. You don’t want to show up with only a banner stand if your fellow exhibitors are bringing backlit, full-color, modular displays. It’s also important to pick a display that ships easily, doesn’t have complicated setup features, and can be assembled and broken down by any member of your team.

  1. Bring the tech

iPads and tablets are great tools to ramp up your tabletop game. Instead of a huge monitor, bring a few tablets. You can show videos and images of products, answer client questions quickly, and even perform lead management and retrieval. Tech can also help you with the next item on our list.

  1. Minimize clutter

In a smaller booth space, it’s easy to have brochures, handouts, and personal items taking up a lot of space. Make sure anything you aren’t currently using is tucked away under your table.

  1. Bring a custom table cover

Custom table covers aren’t a huge investment these days. You can make your booth stand out with a full color logo or slogan. It’s a great way to extend your messaging. Just remember that it may be blocked off if you have attendees in your booth.

Remember table tops can be used on their own, or as a complimentary part of a larger display. For more information visit this page.