Feb 18, 2021 | Articles

In the retail banking industry, digital signage carries a lot of power.

It’s transforming the way institutions engage with customers and respond to their financial needs. Informative, entertaining, and even humorous at times, digital signage is also a strong sales tool that can help you attract new customers and avoid losing existing ones. If your financial institution is still relying on outdated communication methods, you stand to lose out to forward-thinking competitors.

Here are five ways digital signage can improve your institution’s bottom line.

1. Promote products and services to your customer base.

Research shows that existing customers are significantly easier to sell to than new ones. Plus, they spend more money, so they’re an excellent target audience. By educating and informing your customer base, digital signage can turn those banking and credit union patrons into valuable loan applicants, credit card holders, and investors. They’re already there to conduct business with you, so why not help them secure the additional services they need to achieve their financial goals?

2. Improve customer satisfaction.

Let’s face it: no one likes to wait. In fact, studies have shown that today’s consumers won’t generally wait more than ten minutes for service. When people are stuck in line for longer than that, they’re likely to leave without solving their issue. Hopefully, they’ll come back later. Or they may decide to find a bank that can resolve their problem without the wait. One clever way to keep your customers content is by decreasing their perceived wait time. Showing something of interest on a digital screen or video wall can capture their attention and keep them relaxed. Whether you opt for a funny TV show, challenging trivia questions, or captivating scenery, your digital signage holds the key to happier customers and improved loyalty.

3. Efficiently manage and target relevant content.

To consistently engage clients and visitors, your content must be fresh, regularly updated, targeted, and properly managed. That may sound like a daunting task but digital signage makes it possible. With feature-rich applications that streamline the effort needed to create, deploy, and maintain various types of information, it’s easy to switch up your message for various scenarios. For example, you might decide to show content that promotes financial services for retirees in the morning hours and switch to advertising credit card services for Millennials later in the day.

4. Enhance and revitalize your surroundings.

Credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions can use various forms of digital signage to create impressive visuals in spaces that were once dull and unimpressive. Convert an empty wall into an opportunity to promote your organizational mission, enhance credibility, and keep members and clients actively involved. Whether you’re seeking to showcase your firm’s values, put important historical milestones on display, or share the positive impact you’re making on the community, digital signage is the tool that brings your message to life.

5. Say goodbye to stuffy and boring.

Transforming today’s banking facilities into appealing, welcoming spaces helps build the relationship between the institution and the community, and digital signage can be an important part of that effort. Whether they’re used to educate, advertise, or enhance the atmosphere, these signs and displays can do wonders to enhance today’s consumer banking experience and grow your brand, too.

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