Sep 13, 2021 | Articles

As companies welcome employees back into the workplace, they’re also requiring adherence to vigorous new health and safety protocols.

There’s a lot to take in and communicating these guidelines can be tricky. People are likely to fumble as they adjust to the new practices. Most will need frequent reminders and other may resist changing their routines. As people return to the office environment, organizations need to do everything in their power to create a positive, seamless experience for employees and visitors. Digital signs offer impressive benefits that are particularly valuable when workplaces are in a state of change and disruption.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five ways digital signage solutions can be an indispensable tool in your company’s return-to-work arsenal.

1. Streamline communications

Digital signage solutions allow your business to efficiently communicate your message to everyone in the organization. In addition to reinforcing COVID-19 protocols and sharing critical updates, you can also readily display other valuable information, such as your company’s mission, benefits updates, work schedules, financial data, news, and more.

2. Issue ongoing, real-time reminders

A key concern for many business leaders is how to ensure work sites remain safe, healthy, and secure as people begin to congregate once again. In this situation, the eagerness to return to normal behavior may cloud employee judgment. What if people shake hands with their co-workers or forget to stay six feet apart? What happens if someone forgets to wear a mask? An office-wide digital signage network can instantly share real-time updates and issue frequent reminders about your company’s COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

3. Get the word out effortlessly and inexpensively

Digital signage solutions make it easy to create and deliver relevant, meaningful content to your intended audiences. Easy-to-use templates make content creation simple; there’s no need for design skills or expensive human resources. And although it used to be challenging and time-consuming to keep content accurate, relevant, and meaningful, today’s digital signage solutions can readily deliver an immersive visual experience that displays the right content at just the right time.

4. Capture attention

A static safety poster tacked to a bulletin board isn’t going to garner much attention. With digital signage, however, new content is constantly being displayed so it’s far more interesting to passersby. Its larger scale and bright, illuminated screens are eye-catching, too. Make sure critical safety information is shared via a digital display to ensure it gets the attention it warrants.

5. Create a welcoming vibe

Digital displays give you the power to transform dull messaging into positive communications. Incorporate clever phrasing, creative imagery, and engaging visuals to lighten the mood and boost interest. Helpful, easy-to read-signage such as welcome displays and indicators for hand sanitizer stations can assist visitors and employees as they adjust to new protocols.

As employees adapt to returning to the workplace, rely on digital signage to create a safer, less stressful environment. The design experts at Adler Display can help you determine the right digital solutions for your unique business needs. Please contact our knowledgeable team to get started.

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