Sep 27, 2021 | Articles

The term ‘customer experience’ has gotten a lot of attention lately.

It may seem overused but businesses have a lot to gain by engaging their intended audiences, with brand loyalty and revenue growth being two of the biggest benefits.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make a powerful positive impression with your customers and prospects. Interactive video wall displays are a smart investment that can pay for themselves in no time. They provide creative backdrops for amazing customer experiences that add value to your brand and business.

Read on for five reasons why these large format display solutions are a must for companies that have an eye on the future.

1. Remarkable, eye-catching imagery

Have you ever walked into a store and were stopped in your tracks by an oversized screen displaying magical, captivating graphics? The clarity and immersive experience it provided made you pause and pay attention. Interactive video walls also demand the attention of customers because of the brightness, contrast, movement, and richness of color they offer. Video walls rely on direct view technology, such as LED or LCD displays, which provide an undeniably crisp picture and enhanced vibrancy.

2. They take the cake in adaptability

Is your goal to have shoppers pause as they enter your store because you’re the video wall captured their attention? Would you like to be able to provide answers to customer questions about your products with the aid of an interactive video wall display solution? Whether your content and messaging needs are passive (such as brand-building) or interactive (social media-driven), there’s a configuration that meets your needs.

3. Endless options for customization

Video wall design offers tremendous flexibility. It involves creative shapes that suit the presentation, architectural features, or brand. Since a video wall can be customized by using one or many displays, you have the latitude to develop the perfect wall size, dimension, and messaging for your specific requirements.

4. It’s easy to educate the consumer

Some products and services require more than just promotion to convince customers to purchase them. For example, if you’re selling tires, most people will need compelling reasons to upgrade to a more expensive, premium tire. A video wall design that’s positioned in the waiting room can help you make that sale, explaining the difference between standard and premium tires and how the choice can affect their safety and overall driving experience.

5. You have a platform to share your company’s unique story

Your brand means everything. It’s the heart and soul of your reputation, it makes you recognizable, and it provides opportunities to build customer trust and loyalty. Your brand doesn’t just represent your business; it represents how people feel about it. And while you may not think about it, every action your company takes plays a part in communicating your brand story: what the customer needs, how you understand those needs, and the solution you offer. As customers and visitors spend time in your place of business, an interactive video wall can offer a powerful perspective on your story, supporting the brand concept with promotional information, testimonials, and more.

The right video wall display solution can transform a bland lobby or dull storefront into an immersive and interactive customer experience that won’t be forgotten. The seasoned design team at Adler Display is here to help you create an inspiring digital display that suits your brand and budget. Please contact our helpful professionals to get started.

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