Virtual Exhibits

Virtual Exhibits are immersive, experiential, and typically self-guided. Many show organizers have pivoted to virtual shows as an alternative to live shows during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual exhibits allow you to connect with potential clients in a virtual space, often in real-time, and share product literature, videos, surveys, chat, social media links, and presentations.

We’ve provided a few examples here. However, we can provide a solution to fit your unique needs.

Virtual Inline-VE-1001
Virtual Island-VE-2002
Virtual Inline-VE-1001

Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks

Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks are at trade shows and events, and at sales meetings, museums, and tourist attractions. Most combine branding with entertaining software for games, wayfinders, and product information. Our designs include features like backlit fabric graphics, locking storage, monitor mounts, counters, and easy assembly.

We’ve shared a few examples below and are happy to discuss any customizations your project requires.

Branded Blocks Interactive Display
Branded Blocks
Whack Interactive Display
Whack! Interactive
Hypebox 10x20 Display
Maze Game Display
Maze Game
Virtual presentation display
Presentation Display