The long list of benefits offered by tension fabric displays makes it easy to understand why they are the current craze in trade show exhibits, and may be here to stay.

From light weight, easy to set up structures to rich colors, seamless graphics and wrinkle-free material, choosing a fabric display is a smart decision for your next trade show appearance.

Tension fabric trade show displays are often built using lightweight aluminum extrusions, where the hardware creates a shape in which the fabric is stretched to fit. Offered in a wide variety of shapes and styles, these displays can stand out on their own or accompany other trade show structures such as banner standsand counter tops, and can incorporate a variety of accessories including hanging monitors and brackets for shelving.

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Here is a breakdown of the advantages offered by tension fabric displays:

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  • Easy setup.
    Fabrics usually Velcro onto or zip around aluminum extrusions like a pillowcase. Compared to other materials, set up is easy, especially when graphics are stored on the frame which simply pops open.
  • Eye-catching graphics.
    Tension fabric displays create eye-catching exhibits with their rich colors. Seamless graphics create a clean and sleek look, while back lit fabric adds extra drama.
  • Reduced costs.
    Lightweight fabric displays, and their aluminum frames that pack into compact cases, keep shipping costs down. Fabric can be folded to a fraction of its full size to save storage space. Also, graphics are usually easy to swap out when you want to update your trade show message.
  • Durability.
    The fabrics commonly used in trade show displays are long lasting, wrinkle free, fade resistant and machine washable. How much better can it get than that?
  • Versatility and customization.
    Tension fabric trade show displays come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. They can include numerous accessories, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
  • Back-lit fabric is everywhere in the trade show scene today, mainly because of its “wow” factor. The glowing fabric is clean and visually appealing, and helps any booth stand out. It is also a dependable material, lightweight, and relatively easy to set up.

Adler Display offers a range of fabric pop-up displays.

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Our full panel fabric display includes a seamless color graphic in 10-foot, 8-foot and tabletop configurations. You can also choose from many other innovative and versatile fabric pop-up display configurations. All of our stunning displays come in dozens of different fabric pop-up variations for dramatic visual effects. They are destined to stop trade show attendees in their tracks.