Oct 27, 2021 | Articles

At the heart of every successful brick and mortar brand lies a great sign.

If you don’t believe it, just consider these eye-opening facts from the International Signage Association:

  • On-premise signage attracts 17% more customers than word-of-mouth and 40% more customers than newspaper, Yellow Pages, TV, and radio
  • 52% of in-store shoppers surveyed named “on premise signage” as the reason for their visit
  • The average storefront sign is seen 50-60 times per month by those who reside within five miles of the location

If your business is lacking effective signage or is overdue for an upgrade, it’s time to start thinking about how your bottom line is being impacted. Here are four ways custom signage can enhance your company’s image and boost your profitability.

1. Support your marketing efforts

You probably don’t think of it that way but signage can be a valuable, cost-effective marketing tool. It informs passersby of your existence and attracts their attention. Signage also helps people form an impression of your company and brand, giving you a real opportunity to make a positive impact. As you begin planning, consider how you can weave personality into your sign design. Of course you’ll want to include your logo and company colors, but go beyond that and think about your style and vibe too. Is your organization laid-back or reserved? Contemporary or rustic? And what about your customers? Do you cater to teens? Middle-aged moms? The elderly? All of these elements should be considered to create an engaging signage system that reflects your company’s essence and supports your brand story.

2. Advertise specials and promotions

Signs are a great way to get the word out about special events like grand openings, big promotions, and seasonal sales. Custom banners are perfect for these efforts. They’re inexpensive and easy to put up and remove, making them a great form of temporary advertising.

3. Showcase the quality of your offerings

Did you know that the legibility, design, and visual impact of signage can be directly attributed to how people view a company’s products and services? It’s true! According to a recent FedEx Office survey, an astonishing 68% of consumers believe that signage reflects the quality of a business and its offerings. Although it can’t verbally interact with customers and prospects, your signage is communicating loud and clear to everyone who sees it, so think about the message you want to convey. Make sure your business signs are as compelling and engaging as your products and services are.

4. Complement the surroundings

Whether you’re looking to create storefront signs, monument signs, or illuminated signs, you’ll want to create signage that’s suited to its location. Custom-made signs can be created in virtually any size, design, or shape. They allow you to attract the attention you’re seeking yet still fit in with the environment. It’s the perfect way to strike the perfect balance between harmony and prominence.

Custom signs have the power to increase traffic to your location and boost your sales. Create a memorable first impression by investing in durable, attention-getting business signs that reflect who you are and what you’re all about.

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