Nov 20, 2020 | Articles

Custom Historical Timelines are a meaningful way to share your company’s unique story. While you may have competitors in your field who offer similar products and/or services, your organization is bound to have its own unique story.

Stories add depth to an organization, as people have a natural way of connecting to and remembering stories better than they do facts and figures. Stories, especially unique ones, stick. 

When it comes to creating a historical timeline, the opportunities are endless with tons of creative options. Historical timelines can be compact and centered in a specific location, or can wrap around a space such as a long hallway with room to grow. Creative timelines can also include digital and interactive features. They can be designed as immersive environments that create the full experience of your brand. One company Adler Display worked with created a mock store within its headquarters to showcase the evolution of the company’s style and products. Another company created a corporate museum, while 3-D models of artifacts that related to the company’s work and overall industry.

Many elements can be included in a company’s story, including important people from the early days all the way to the present time. There are many options for featuring such people in a historical timeline. Adding powerful quotes or sayings made by notable figures is one option. Adding lots of pictures, whether posed or candid, is also a great way to bring such people and history to life.

Creating a custom historical timeline often begins by organizing the information, dates, and images you want to include.

A display company, such as Adler Display, who has created numerous historical timelines, can help with this process. Another main piece of the process is choosing a look and style for the timeline. Some organizations start their timelines in black and white and add color as the years go along. Others incorporate their logos and company colors throughout.

A custom historical timeline is a great way to present your company’s unique story.

When you think about your options strategically and creatively, you can reach audiences both inside and outside of your organization. The possibilities are endless. For help getting started, contact our display consultants today.

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