Corporate Storytelling: Does Your Lobby Reflect Your Brand?

Corporate Storytelling Does Your Lobby Reflect Your Brand

Corporate Storytelling Does Your Lobby Reflect Your Brand

Consider your lobby: it’s just a lobby, right? You walk through it every day and probably don’t give the space a second thought. Yet, it is also the place where customers, employees, potential investors, and future hires pass judgment on your brand. That’s right. Even your lobby is an extension of your company’s brand and a critical one at that.

First impressions matter. If you’ve invested significant time and capital into developing your logo, website, business cards, and mission statement, you can still drop the ball when it comes to your branding. A client might love the graphic design on your website but feel underwhelmed in your office space. Peeling wallpaper, stained carpeting, and vast, blank walls are uninspiring at best. At worst, they are a turnoff and will give your more brand-aware competitors the edge.

A good example of the value of a well-designed lobby can be seen in the hospitality industry. Consider hotels and condominiums. Those with renovated entrances that are modern, welcoming, and clean can charge a premium that their shabbier competitors cannot. Since turnover is integral, maintaining a good reputation and wooing new clients is key. Your business and its need for new clients are similar. Never underestimate the value of nice aromas, comfortable furniture, and a welcoming environment. These all factor into how visitors internalize their experience. You want to be the clean, inviting hotel lobby that values the customer experience, not the dated motel lobby that “is what it is.”

Multiple case studies show that making your employees part of your brand pays off. For example, MGM was able to alter its image from that of a casino-based venue to a resort and entertainment destination by transforming the internal work environment. They developed guidelines for how employees can be a part of the new MGM experience. The focus was to make employees feel included and linked to the brand. One effort included using break areas to display posters featuring employees as the “Star” of a show. The result was an increase in revenue, a cohesive new direction for MGM, and the creation of a supportive culture of employee brand ambassadors. Consider how a digital display in your lobby or conference room can be used to highlight employee achievements and introduce new hires.

Make employees a part of your corporate story. If it suits your brand, display their birthdays and milestones or trivia to help foster an inclusive, light-hearted atmosphere.

If your lobby doubles as a waiting room, why not enhance the experience? Install a coffee bar, offer free Wi-Fi, and provide spacious, comfortable seating. Envelop guests in your world. Highlight a product or service using video imagery. Use graphic design on a feature wall to highlight company milestones and history, showing a colorful timeline and photos. Get creative with your corporate storytelling. Go for the emotional connection and make your lobby a place where people feel welcome to relax and explore.

And last but certainly not least, don’t neglect signage in your lobby design. Signage allows your company to display your logo front and center. Have your logo emblazoned on the front door and placed prominently behind or on the reception desk. Going with a dimensional logo can add pizzazz. Your logo should be the focal point of the room so make it bold, visible, and memorable. Your lobby and signage should always communicate your unique corporate story in a strong way.

If you’re unsure what your brand identity is, go back to the drawing board. Revisit your mission statement, corporate goals, and company culture. All of this should be communicated in your branding. Once you have a clear message and goals, your lobby is a great place to start communicating your brand experience.

According to famed graphic designer Milton Glasser, “There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no and wow! Wow is the one to aim for.” If you’re ready to break your brand out of the “ho-hum” and go for the “wow,” let’s work together.

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