Consider Your Body Language at Your Next Event, Part I

Body Language Tips for Trade Show Events

Much of the way we communicate is nonverbal. Therefore, if you are not conscious of your body language you may be sending the wrong messages. This is especially important for making first impressions, where we usually make decisions about a person fairly quickly. Here are 6 tips for exhibiting positive body language at your next event.

  1. Align your body with the other person and make sure your feet are pointed in his or her direction. Mirroring someone’s body language and leaning in conveys interest and suggests you are in agreement with him or her.
  2. Have a welcoming stance. Refrain from crossing your arms or standing too rigid. Convey confidence by spreading your feet a little to take up some space. When appropriate, a little laughter can help warm someone up.
  3. Be mindful of your handshake. Aim for a firm grip that isn’t too harsh. It is well known that a firm handshake is very important for setting the right tone. Just don’t crush the other person’s hand.
  4. Remember to keep eye contact, without staring. This sends the message you are engaged and giving the person your attention.
  5. Consider your facial expressions based on the situation. Do you want to smile, look serious, or express concern? Sometimes when resting, our face becomes uninviting, so remain mindful of your facial cues. 
  6. Speak with your hands. Doing so can make you appear more knowledgeable and help your brain stay sharp while you are thinking. Emphasizing what you’re saying with gestures can also help listeners remember what you’re saying.

Finally, some don’ts when it comes to body language at an event: refrain from checking the time, staring at the ground, fidgeting or tapping, or standing too close. For more information and trade show event tips, check out our library of articles here

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