Command a Presence at Your Booth

Trade Show Tips

An intriguing display can effectively draw visitors to your booth to engage with your company and learn more about what you have to offer. A stimulating mix of visuals, eye-catching graphics and digital media that attracts your target audience should be part of your comprehensive exhibit plan. Here are five ways to command a presence at your booth.

  1. Incorporate videos and interactive kiosks – Adding fun, educational, and interactive technology to your trade show booth is a great way to create a memorable experience. You can also use technology to demo a product or service, especially if it is not realistic to bring the actual product to the show. Digital screens are effective at catching the attention of passersby. Create a video that loops to draw attendees in and give them an overview of your company. Interactive kiosks allow people to further interact with the messaging and content you want to deliver.
  2. Hold a contest, game, or drawing – Holding contests, games, and drawings can increase excitement and attraction to your booth. Whenever a crowd is gathered or there is some commotion, people will be drawn to check out what is going on. So create a game to encourage participation and generate enthusiasm over your organization and products or services.
  3. Offer food and other giveaways – Food is a great attraction for attendees who have spent long days on the show floor and attending sessions. Espresso machines are great for early mornings as well. Select giveaways that are fun, have real value, and align with your company’s identity to attract attention and reinforce your brand and messaging.
  4. Choose an awesome staff – Staffing is incredibly important to commanding presence at a show. This means your staff must be well trained, knowledgeable, and inviting to attendees at the show. Encourage your staff to be warm and friendly, and provide excellent customer service. Also ensure that each staff member knows his or her role, and is aware of your company’s goals for exhibiting at the show so they can help you achieve them.
  5. Create a unique look – To stand out in a crowd use your creativity to do something different than your competitors. Break the traditional rules to come up with something unique. Experiment with unconventional colors, graphics, entertainment, swag, lighting, etc. There are numerous opportunities to step up your booth design and experience.

Adding these elements to your booth is a great way to command a presence at your next event. For more information, contact our trade show experts at 855-552-3537


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