Dec 10, 2021 | Articles

Your signage says a lot about your business. And if something changes with your brand or your organization, your signage should reflect it.

Whether you’re reinventing your corporate style, introducing a bold color palette, or opening a new location, signage is there to help you announce it to the world. In this article, we’ll explore some situations where you may need to reimagine your brand with signage and displays and how you can use signage to do it.

In today’s ever-changing landscape, companies and their brands need to be adaptable.

Adjusting to trends, switching positioning, and entering new markets are commonplace. That often requires changes to existing brand elements. For instance, if you’re rebranding, let bold new signage give a boost to your new identity, enhance the customer experience, and drive interest in learning more about the ‘new you’. Have you adopted a new message or business approach? If your corporate positioning changes, update your signage to help create a strong corporate identity and introduce it to new markets.

Here’s how to effectively update and reimagine your brand with signage and displays.

There are multiple signage elements you can work with to attract attention, notify audiences of the change, and introduce bold new branding that’s better than ever.

Redesign and replace

The signage you choose isn’t going to last forever. Even the most classic brand designs and durable materials need to be changed over time. While some signs can last a number of years (and even longer with proper maintenance and care), your brand will change and your signage should, too. Exterior signage is constantly battling the elements. Sun, wind, and rain can erode colors, making your signs look faded or dirty. When it comes to interior signage, design trends tend to be fickle. That means you may need to update your lobby or entire corporate interior with new materials and styles every few years. And yes, that includes your signage.

Incorporate some interesting new elements

Updating your signage doesn’t always mean developing a dramatic rebranding. It doesn’t necessarily require a significant amount of change or a large budget. In fact, a few small changes to your signage can make it far more effective. Simply adding lights can improve visibility and improve your overall branding. Other signage options might include the addition of interactive elements that move and catch the eye, or adding architectural elements to create a notable landmark.

Enhance your existing signage system

Another smart update option is to add new signs to expand and improve the effectiveness of your overall signage solution. For example, wayfinding is vastly improved by having the right signs in the right places, while prominently-placed recognition signage results in a better, more positive visitor and customer experience. 

Whether you’re announcing your company’s reopening or telling customers about your forward-thinking new marketing campaign, signage and displays get the job done. The experts at Adler Display can help you perfect your reimagined branding efforts with creative solutions that will garner the attention you’re seeking. Contact us today to get started!

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