Bring Your Company History to Life with an Interactive Timeline

Bring Your Company History to Life with an Interactive Timeline

Bring Your Company History to Life with an Interactive Timeline

Every business has a story to tell.

Whether you’re communicating with vendors, employees, or clients, timeline displays are a great way to show company history and values. Timelines are also a great way to demonstrate future vision and guiding principles. Interactive timelines take this storytelling to another level. At the touch of a finger, new depths of data and history can be revealed and explored- helping folks make connections, build relationships, and understand the mission.

Interactive displays are a perfect way to convey as much information as you desire.

Simple bullet points on a large timeline can be fleshed out and delved. By showing bullet points on a larger or surrounding display, you can draw in a broad audience and then cater to specific interests, depending on their function.

Dimensionality is a function that is often overlooked with interactive timelines. To fully engage visitors, consider surrounding your interactive portion with dimensional graphics, lettering, or dates that will draw them towards particularly memorable events that should be in the spotlight.

You can also incorporate infographics into your interactive timeline.

Infographics are a great way to allow users to customize their experience and understand your company’s history, culture, and future. Comparisons are always a strong format, and they can pack quite a punch when simple and graphically powerful.

When all is said and done, tone, style, and content are all important parts of an interactive timeline. Make sure it welcomes first time and repeat visitors, building in layers for depth and quick overviews for a broad picture. It should also reflect not just your company’s path, but lay out your vision for the future.

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