Jul 9, 2021 | Articles

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines visibility as “the capability of being noticed”.  

In the commercial environment, visibility relates to how easy it is for clients and potential customers to recognize and locate your place of business. That’s pretty important because it can help keep your operation in the black. For every organization, visibility matters; for some, it’s absolutely critical. Outdoor signs are the primary means for enhancing the visibility of physical business operations. They can effortlessly direct people to your doorstep. But when they’re shoddy or missing, you stand to lose valuable patronage as people get tired and frustrated trying to find your location. So what’s the best way to enhance your firm’s visibility?

Here are three key reasons why increasing business visibility with signage is vital, along with some tried-and-true tips for going about it.

Reason #1: For many people, signage reflects their perceived quality of the company’s products and services.

First impressions matter and business signs are no exception. Potential clients will negatively judge your firm if your sign is old, faded, and lackluster. Don’t let outdated or nonexistent signage create fertile ground for your competitors. Attractive, professional custom signs will go a long way in creating a positive impression and building customer loyalty.

Reason #2: Signs are a cost-effective form of advertising.

Greater visibility adds up to more potential customers and referrals, so including eye-catching signage in your marketing mix is a smart, practical move. This long-lasting, one-time expense has the power to attract customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it’s in stark contrast to other advertising vehicles that typically require frequent updates and maintenance.

Reason #3: They can enhance the customer experience.

In addition to their promotional purpose, signage has a functional role to play in terms of directing people to your location and informing them of important information, such as a sale or special event.  This increased awareness of your corporate marketing activities can even improve their overall experience with your brand.

To make the most of your signage investment, follow these best practices:

  • Keep your culture in mind. Custom signs give your company the means to get your name out there on your own terms. If your vibe is fun and vibrant, demonstrate it in your signs with interesting design concepts and the use of bright colors. If your firm is on the conservative side, you might opt for clean, corporate signage that reflects this professionalism.
  • Consistency should be king. This is an especially important consideration for multi-location businesses when considering a signage update or an entirely new design. Implementing new signage at some locations but not others can introduce a lack of harmony in your identity. That can be confusing to current customers and the general public, resulting in lost business—just the opposite of what you’re seeking to accomplish. A coordinated signage roll-out should emphasize uniformity, ensuring that people are only exposed to one logo and other key markers of your brand identity.
  • Keep it simple. Apply the five-second rule when drafting sign copy: if your sign can’t be read in five seconds, it should be shortened. For maximum impact, keep the information clear and concise.

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