Boost Your Professional Image with a Virtual Office Backdrop

The COVID-19 health crisis is changing the way Americans go to work.

Social distancing has created the need for a largely remote workforce, and for many people, working from home is a new experience. In this current environment where we are physically separated, video calls offer the necessary interaction and engagement to maintain productivity. Connecting visually with others has become a solid means for relationship building when we can’t actually be together. Done right, video conference calls enhance existing relationships with remote employees, vendors and other members of the service and support team.                                                                    

Most businesses still rely on effective person-to-person working relationships, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video conferencing has emerged as best way to maintain a collaborative, productive workplace when employees and clients must be separated. When it comes to teleconferencing, the right backdrop can provide plentiful benefits for a small investment.

Read on as we explore some of the many ways that a well-designed virtual office backdrop can enhance your professional image and improve your video meeting results.

Boost Your Professional Image with a Virtual Office Backdrop

Present an impressive, clutter-free workspace. 

No matter the size, location or type of your work area, a printed backdrop can improve it. With telecommuting in full force, many people are forced to get their work done from a corner of the bedroom or the kitchen table. Instead of sharing your cluttered closet, the kids’ toys, or a pile of dirty dishes with your clients and co-workers, your personal virtual office backdrop can easily hide it all.  

Reflect your tastes and personality. 

When it comes to virtual office backdrops, the sky is the limit. From expansive city views to classic bookshelves to rustic oak wood panels, the choice is yours. Adler Display offers a broad assortment of ideas that will be the perfect for your next video conference on Zoom, Slack, Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts and more. Choose your teleconference backdrop from our work-from-home collection or design your own. You can even provide the artwork you’d like to use, and we’ll print it using our high quality, digital four-color process to ensure a beautiful, clear image.

Boost morale and productivity. 

Although the current circumstances may be unusual and trying, business objectives remain. It can be more challenging than usual to stay focused on the mission when everyone is in disparate locations. And today’s hyper-paced world makes it easy to get distracted on conference calls, especially if a lot is going on in the background. A professional-looking background may be just what you need to help attendees focus on the important business at hand. Projecting a professional workspace image to co-workers, clients and vendors even can boost your own morale by helping you feel more poised and confident.

Video conferencing has emerged as a first-class tool for businesses in every industry. The experienced design team at Adler Display can help you make the most of it with our creative, beautifully crafted virtual office backdrop solutions. Please contact our knowledgeable team to get started.

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