Best Practices for Returning to Work after COVID-19

As phased reopenings take place across the United States, businesses and educational institutions are working diligently to reinvent their facilities.

Having a robust, comprehensive, and well-communicated response plan in place can instill confidence and reduce anxiety for workers, students, and visitors. Beyond behavioral and social changes, these plans often require modifications to the physical space itself. Many business and educational leaders are taking a long-term approach, focusing not only on bringing their staff members back but also adapting their facilities to reflect new standards for public health and safety.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some practical and responsible ways that organizations can utilize display solutions and signage to create safe reopening plans that support recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

Embrace forward-thinking office design. While teleworking has become an integral part of life amid COVID-19, not every job can be done remotely, and not every worker is his most productive off-site. For many organizations, negotiating new office design options is a savvier solution. Preexisting concepts, such as the open-plan, will likely see renewed interest as employers seek solutions that passively allow for social distancing.

Best Practices for Returning to Work after COVID-19


  • Color-coded desks, cubicles, and other work areas: This allows spaces to be functionally divvied up and assigned, limiting the potential of virus transmission or exposure
  • Eye-catching informational posters: Prominently displayed, these signs can alert and remind employees of current policies and protocols.
  • Carpet stickers and decals: In shared spaces, these emblems can assist with the preservation of proper social distance between employees. They can also be used to indicate the designated flow of pedestrian traffic.

Support cleanliness with hygiene kiosks. The emerging routines of our “new normal” when returning to work include readily available hand sanitizer, surface wipes, and facial tissues. These hygienic stations can include flexible digital messaging, adding utility and longevity by doubling as informational kiosks.

Create a welcoming atmosphere. Digital displays give you the power to transform otherwise ominous safety messages into positive communications. Use clever wording, creative images, and other smart visuals to lighten the mood. Helpful, easy-to-read signage such as welcome displays can aid employees and visitors in adjusting to new protocols.

Help staff members and students stay safe when they return to school. As educational institutions look to the fall, school officials must prepare their buildings properly to provide a welcoming and safe reopening. Rigorous campus-wide safety measures should include a range of protective solutions, including interior and exterior signage, employee and student communications, informational graphics, and more.

With decades of experience serving the educational sector, Adler Display can help your institution plan and implement a comprehensive signage and display strategy, incorporating elements such as:

  • A-Frames: Position these economical signs outside the doors, in the entry area, or in high-traffic corridors to announce essential information to everyone who enters.
  • Wall Graphics: Place colorful vinyl graphics on your facility’s walls, doors, lockers, and other highly visible spaces to remind faculty and students of health and safety protocols.
  • Floor graphics: Improve traffic flow and remind staff and students to maintain proper social distancing with durable floor decals.
  • Protection Screens: Minimize the spread of harmful pathogens by installing these screens between student desks or at tables where faculty members gather.
  • Window Graphics: Share entrance policies, requirements for face coverings, hours of operation, and other important information with eye-catching window graphics and legible bold lettering.

Tap into potent perks. One of the great benefits of driving institutional change through signage and graphic design is that the solutions range from temporary to semi-permanent to permanent. Affordability is another important advantage.

In a nutshell, sign solutions can bring messaging to life in ways that are attractive, versatile, flexible, and cost-effective.

The experts at Adler Display are here to help you create or modify your facility’s wellness protocols during this challenging time. For more than 80 years, we’ve delivered precise craftsmanship, superior quality, and cutting-edge style that don’t bust the budget. Contact our helpful professionals to get started.

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