Benefits of Launching a New Product at a Trade Show

To successfully launch a new product, you'll want to start your preparation well-in-advance.  Create a detailed marketing plan, mapping out social media, press releases, interviews, and ending with a reveal party to potential buyers!  But how do I get buyers to attend, you ask? Well... plan to have the party combined with your industries biggest trade show.

Here are the benefits to launching a new product at a trade show:  

Interested Audience
Attendees purposively sign up, pay for registration, and attend trade shows - they are there to see new product - this is the best audience to launch to.  The best potential customers for your new product are all in one big room together and already interested in what you have to offer.  Sounds a like a marketers dream come true!

The Press
Journalists and news reporters attend trade shows to be the first with the inside scoop on new product.  With that being said, there is a high chance your product launch will be showcased in newspapers, online articles, and industry related websites.

Maximize Initial Sales
The early days of a product can often be vital in the overall success or failure of the business or product.  Trade shows help to build the initial following needed to boost a new product into the public's eye.  Use the trade show as your product's launch party, and in doing so, you are creating excitement for what is about to be unveiled.  Both your potential customers and the media are likely to follow, and it'll reflect in your product sales. 

Increased Website Activity
With every product launch, you should develop a landing page on your website.  As attendees leave  your booth, direct them to your landing page for more information.  This also directs potential customers to your full website showcasing all products, resulting in high website activity and increased search engine optimization. 

Surveys and Reviews
With hundred of attendees around, gather reviews, reactions, and distribute surveys.  Add the reviews to your website and ask attendees to leave a comment on the product landing page.  Trade shows are quite possibly the easiest way to gather loads of reviews and feedback on a brand new product.  

Increased Social Media Activity 
A new product launch will increase social media activity.  Promote the new product using the designated trade show hashtag, and direct attendees to your booth for a free demostration.  Use this opportunity to gain more followers, for instance, ask attendees to follow and share their experience for a chance to win a prize. 

Social media is a powerful tool to incorporate into your trade show marketing plan.  Learn how to use social media at your next trade show event!

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