Aug 11, 2020 | Articles

School buildings are designed to be gathering places. In these spaces, students and faculty typically learn and work together in close quarters. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however, teachers and pupils across the United States have found their normal routines turned upside-down.

As many school systems and colleges begin to reopen their doors this fall, it’s critical to provide a healthy and welcoming return for students, faculty, and staff.

Social distancing, enhanced safety measures, and robust protocols are the ‘new normal’ in educational environments. Children will need reminders to maintain their distance from others, particularly in common areas such as playgrounds, cafeterias, and sidewalks. Experts also recommend that schools limit hallway movement to one way to prevent crowds. Those physical distancing requirements and reminders must extend to school buses, as well. When there’s so much to consider, signage becomes an indispensable mainstay.


Maintain healthy operations with protocol signs.
From temperature screening stations to face masks, COVID-19 has created the need for rigorous new safety procedures. It’s important to inform students, faculty, staff, parents, and visitors of any new policies in place to keep everyone safe. Available in an endless assortment of sizes, colors, languages, and configurations, protocol signs convey your message effectively. A-frame protocol signs, for example, are portable, easy-to-store, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Economical wall graphics can be placed on doors, lockers, and other highly visible spaces throughout your facility.

Remind everyone who visits that they must comply with social distancing requirements.
It can be challenging to maintain a six-foot separation in the educational setting. Helpful signage placed strategically throughout your facility and grounds can reinforce this message. With hundreds of design options available, our professionals can help you find the ideal solution for your needs. Whether you’re seeking plastic or aluminum signs, adhesive-backed labels, decals, banners, or floor stands, we can create durable, eye-catching messaging to keep everyone a safe distance apart.

Enforce safety practices with durable, removable floor decals.
These signs can be applied directly to floor surfaces to improve traffic flow and prompt staff and students to maintain proper social distancing. Our heavy-duty floor signs come in many sizes and are constructed from adhesive-backed vinyl with a strong, waterproof, anti-slip laminate. They’re great for reminding people how far apart to stand when in line, enforcing one-way policies in hallways, and identifying permissible entry and exit points.

Issue reminders about mandatory face masks.
Cloth face coverings are essential in settings where physical distancing cannot easily be maintained. Face mask signs encourage staff, students, and visitors to wear face coverings in and around your school site. A variety of formats, styles, colors, and designs are available in many languages to cater to small children, youth, adults, and the general public.

Prevent the spread of germs with proper hand hygiene.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends hand washing for at least 20 seconds with hot soapy water as one of the best preventative measures in the fight against COVID-19. Inform students and staff of this vital information by posting signs in bathrooms and throughout your facility. Include simple reminders, instructions, and information about the importance of handwashing. Small labels are ideal for bathroom mirrors, while oversized signs can be posted in visible locations throughout the campus.

You can still create a welcoming atmosphere. Get creative with signage and displays to transform otherwise ominous safety messages into positive communications. Use clever wording, creative images, and other smart visuals to lighten the mood. Supportive, easy-to-read signage such as welcome displays can help students and faculty adjust to unfamiliar protocols.

Adler Display possesses more than 80 years of experience in visual communications solutions for the educational sector. From universities to public school systems and private learning institutions, we understand the importance of safety throughout your campus. Please contact our knowledgeable team to get started on your signage strategy.

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