Avoid These Common Tradeshow Exhibit Design Mistakes

Avoid These Common Tradeshow Exhibit Design Mistakes

Avoid These Common Tradeshow Exhibit Design Mistakes

When your company decides to exhibit at tradeshow, there’s a lot at stake.

Done right, these events can offer an opportunity to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. But they’re also a huge investment in time, effort and money, so of course you want to reap the best results. While you’re busy making plans for critical elements like featured products and services, booth staffing, and training, don’t forget about your tradeshow display itself. Design failures are easy to prevent if you know what to look for. Let’s explore some common trade show booth design mistakes so you can avoid them when preparing for your next event.

Blunder #1: Making your message too complicated.                                                                 

When it comes to successful trade show exhibit design, simplicity is king. This applies to both the appearance of your booth and the message you’re seeking to send to prospective customers. Many businesses with great products and services put themselves at a disadvantage by incorporating lengthy or complex copy that’s too detailed for the busy, fast-paced trade show environment. If your marketing message takes more than three seconds to read and comprehend, it’s probably too complicated.

Blunder #2: Trying to cram in too much information.                                                                          

Just as businesses often choose a marketing message that requires too much thought, many exhibitors design displays that are too visually busy. Although you may be tempted to cram text and imagery into every bit of usable space, keeping it simple is (once again) is the smart way to go. Space is one of the most important factors in effective exhibit design. By leaving some unused areas, it acts to emphasize your key design elements. The most effective trade show displays use white space to their advantage to highlight headings, images, and other important information.

Blunder #3: Using a run-down or outmoded booth.                                                                 

Is your display showing its age? If wear and tear have become too hard to hide, or if its appearance and/or marketing message are outdated, it’s probably time to invest in a new exhibit. Whether you buy a small portable trade show booth or go all out on a larger exhibition, having a sleek, modern display is one of the best ways to impress and engage your audience.

Blunder #4: Failing to communicate benefits.                                                                         

When attendees visit your booth, you have just a few seconds to show them what your product or service can do for them. You also have a limited amount of space to convey the benefits your company provides, so you need to use it wisely. Make sure every element answers the question, “What’s in it for me?” For example, if you’re selling shoes, you might emphasize the quality, comfort and attractiveness they offer. Make sure your trade show booth graphics and copy clearly illustrate exactly what attendees stand to gain from using whatever it is you’re selling.

Blunder #5: Relying on low-quality graphics.                                                                                       

You’re not going to impress visitors or draw them to your booth with cheap, blurry, low-resolution graphics. As the first thing attendees will likely notice about your display, your visuals need to be spot-on. Think vibrant colors, striking images and high-quality printing. Many trade show booths and portable displays are designed with interchangeable panels that can be easily replaced, making it an inexpensive way to give your custom exhibit an instant makeover.

Blunder #6: Renting the wrong size exhibit space.

Businesses that rent a booth that’s too large for their needs often wind up spending more and don’t see an uptick in traffic. Many organizations actually find that a smaller space is more intimate and comfortable. Conversely, a booth space that’s too small runs the risk of becoming overcrowded with staff, banner stands, displays, and furnishings. In many events, the smaller spaces are also located in lower traffic areas, resulting in less visibility and fewer visits.

Blunder #7: Underestimating the power of lighting.                                                              

Although lighting is among the most important elements in trade show booth design, it’s also one of the most neglected. A minor change in the way you light your booth can have a dramatic impact on its appearance. Why not create a high-end look and generate attention with backlighting? Incorporate warm-temperature lights to set an inviting scene, or go clean and contemporary with cool-temperature lighting. Leverage strings of LED lights to highlight counter edges, walls, floor lines, and other elements to draw attention and add visual interest. From downlights to spotlights and beyond, lighting wields tremendous power. Don’t be among the many businesses that treat it as an unimportant exhibition afterthought.

If you intend to exhibit at an upcoming event, examine your existing trade show booth well in advance. Is it up to the task or is it likely to cost you valuable leads? If your display isn’t up to snuff, now’s the time to take steps to ensure that your next show is a successful one. When your exhibit needs to be rejuvenated, the seasoned experts at Adler Display are here to help. From assessing your exhibit space to innovative designs and expert fabrication, you can rely on our friendly professionals to create unique and compelling tradeshow displaysContact our helpful team today to learn more.

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